MacBook Pro with retina display looks the business

The MacBook Pro with retina display is the absolute mustard

25 Jan 2013


Tablets and laptops are muscling in on the TV's patch as the daddy of our front rooms, and with tasty geezers like the MacBook Pro flexing their muscles there's no wonder.

At CES 2013 we saw TVs as thin as magazines with pictures so clear it was like looking out of a window. They absolutely floated our boats.

But a crew at found many of us like the idea of watching programmes on our laptops and tablets.

Before you tell the broadbandchoices folk they're bang out of order, take a butcher's at the MacBook Pro with retina display. To say it's the absolute mustard isn't even the half of it.

Apple says it wanted a screen as 'vivid as your imagination' where 'blacks are blacker' and 'whites are whiter'.
It has 5.1 million pixels - the tiny units that make up the picture on your screen. Now, you may not Adam and Eve this, but the boss reckons the display has over three million more pixels than an average HDTV. Three million - whether you're talking pixels, pounds, potatoes or psatas that's a lot. Don't waste time looking for individual pixels though - the density is so sharp they just cannot be seen.

The 15inch screen packs in a 2800x1800 resolution. Ignore the jargon, the bottom line is next time you watch Chelsea on SkyGo you'll have a picture sharper than Ashley Cole's haircut.

Lovely jubbly.

But be warned of going back to a normal resolution. Have you ever driven a Ford Escort after cruising round in a Roller, eaten a hamburger after an Aberdeen Angus fillet steak or worn an off-the-peg whistle after having your suits made-to-measure? Quite the fall from grace.

If you appreciate the finer things in life: exquisite cars, bespoke tailoring and fine food. With sleek minimalist design, cutting-edge hardware and understated monochromatic colours, the MacBook Pro fits in as naturally as a polka-dot silk scarf tucked into your breast pocket. The MacBook Pro is also beautifully trim, coming in 25% thinner than its predecessor.

The MackBook Pro is no slouch when it comes to graft. With a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, it gets around the internet fast as you need it.

While we're talking about speed, flash is at the heart of everything this baby does - and that means apps launch faster and you move around the desktop as though you're on rails.  Basically, flash storage offers four times the performance of a traditional hard drive.

If you're out and about, you'll appreciate the seven hours battery life on just a single charge, too.