Madeleine Shaw’s top tech for working on the go

Have a passion for healthy living? Find out how Madeleine Shaw started her wellness blog with just a laptop – and grew it into a successful business…

19 Aug 2016


With a bestselling cookery book, wellness blog and app, and a huge YouTube following under her belt, you might be surprised to learn Madeleine Shaw started her online business from her laptop. Even today it’s still her go-to tool for getting work done on the go, saying: “I literally use my laptop for everything… I just bring my laptop everywhere with me – I’m a popup office.”

Her laptop of choice is the Lenovo Yoga 510. “I had to get a yoga laptop,” she says. Name aside, this 2 in 1 makes a great everyday computer for running her business. Madeleine uses it to:

  • Write recipes and edit them on Microsoft Word – programs always run swiftly thanks to the powerful Intel Core i5 processor
  • Update her website on Wordpress – with SSD storage she can boot it up and start getting her ideas down in seconds
  • Upload videos to YouTube – and watch them back on the Full HD screen
  • Carry it between meetings by folding the screen back into a compact tablet mode – great for slipping in her bag – then switching to laptop mode for taking notes on the keyboard

Check out the Lenovo Yoga 510.


And to keep all her hard work safe, Madeleine uses My Cloud storage to back up her files. It’s also great for sharing files with her team and keeping them in sync. Get a My Cloud drive with 2 TB storage.


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