Make your iPad a canteen and presentation winner with a Boompack

The BoomPack is designed to help boost your iPad´s sound as well as keep it safe

20 Aug 2013


We take our iPads with us wherever we go.

They get slung in bags, left on desks and are subject to the grubby finger marks of ourselves, friends and colleagues.

We use them to give presentations at work and to show YouTube videos to friends in the canteen - they are as indispensable as our right (or left) hand and are as equally good for work as they are for play.

So a gadget designed to both keep our precious iPad safe and enhance its sound would be double handy.
And now we have one in the In2uit BoomPack.

Picture the scene. You're on your lunch break showing your workmates a video from Britain's Got Talent, only a guy at the end says he can't hear Simon Cowell's put down well enough.

'He doesn't have the same impact when he mumbles' your heckler says.

Workers At Lunch

You briefly go red at the rude interjection, but then remember your latest purchase. Flip open the BoomPack case and banish all thoughts of feeling flustered.   

In In2uit's own words, the speakers provide "amazing stereo and the bottom woofer packs a solid punch".

So you and your assembled few pals will hear Cowell's latest putdown with the gravitas with which it was intended. We'd even go as far as to say his voice will be rendered as sharp as an iPad's retina display shows his gleaming white teeth.

We often think of lunch as our sacred 30 minutes, but they soon pass.

If you had to rush to get back after getting 'distracted', and found yourself slinging the iPad in your bag a bit slapdash you can rest assured the BoomPack is tough enough to keep it safe too.

With a magnetic bicast leather shield protecting the screen and tough ABS plastic, you can have peace of mind no matter how arduous your commute or hasty your return from lunch.  

So you're back in the office and sweating - there's a presentation to give and you're the one giving it.

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Of course, your iPad will play a starring role, keeping cool and efficient as you blether and perspire.

But what about when you're using a video on your iPad to deliver a presentation, ever worry that not everyone in the room is picking up what you're putting down?

The BoomPack features fold-out dipole tweeters that mean everyone - front and back - can hear what your iPad is saying.

You don't have to worry about battery power either, no matter how many times you watched that YouTube vid in the canteen.

BoomPack can go 10 hours on one charge.

As we've already said we live in a world where our iPads go where we go - ensure yours is safe and sounding phat with the BoomPack case, whether at work or at play.