Microsoft Surface Laptop: Performance made personal

Business exec, busy mum or style-savvy student? The Microsoft Surface Laptop is designed for life about town.

19 May 2017


Whether you spend your days racing from one client meeting to another or from the school run to the supermarket, modern life is busy. The right laptop can make things easier.Surface

Take the Microsoft Surface Laptop. Light, portable, fast and powerful – it really is a laptop for your life about town. It looks pretty good too, magazine-thin (under 15mm) and just over 1kg in weight, and is running a new version of Windows called Windows 10 S that makes the laptop wake up in seconds.

With it you can:

  • Slip it inside your handbag or man-bag alongside your papers ­
  • Ditch the battery pack with 14.5 hours’ battery life for working all day
  • Open the laptop with one hand – perfect if you’re holding a coffee or some papers
  • Work in Excel or PowerPoint with free Office 365 for 1 year
  • Take the odd knock with tough aluminium casing and Gorilla Glass screen
  • Multitask across Office while also browsing the web with Intel Core i5 processor
  • Get to work fast – laptop wakes up quickly and loads software speedily with SSD storage
  • Stream Spotify with Omnisonic speakers throwing sound in all directions from beneath the keyboard

Don’t need Core i5? Surface Laptop will soon be available with different Intel Core processor options


How good is the screen?

Very good. It has better resolution than a HDTV so you’ll be able to work up close and enjoy Netflix in pin-sharp detail. Most of the laptop’s 13.5 inches are taken up by the screen, with minimal bezel (frame) surrounding it.Microsoft surface

It’s touch-friendly too, so you can use your fingers to swipe and scroll smartphone style. This is particularly handy when using apps like Outlook, Instagram or Netflix – much more intuitive than using your mouse.

It also works with the Surface Pen, a digital stylus that writes like a real pen directly onto the screen.


Introducing Windows 10 S

Windows 10 was designed to work with both regular laptops and smartphones and tablets, so touchscreen features get the best from it.Surface laptop

But the Surface Laptop runs a new version called Windows 10 S. It has many features of Windows 10 Pro, but for security and performance it exclusively runs apps from the Windows Store and uses Microsoft Edge as its default browser. Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro can run non-store apps. 

What does ‘S’ mean for you? The Surface Laptop will boot around 15 seconds faster. And ‘it will run as fast on day 1,000 as it does on day one,’ Microsoft says.


What apps can you download with Windows 10 S?

Don’t worry – lots of well-known apps are available at the Windows Store. Everything from Netflix and Spotify for chillaxing to Microsoft Office and Evernote for working. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are there too.


Stylish and spill-proof keyboard

The Surface Laptop keyboard is dreamy. Wrapped in soft, luxurious Alcantara® fabric, it offers a completely new typing experience – great if cold, hard plastic leaves you cold.

With its soft palm rest and responsive keys, you’ll soon get into a rhythm. Like to work while sipping a latte from a paper cup? The wipe-clean keyboard is spill and stain resistant.


Word and Excel come free

Whether you work in an office, at a kitchen table or in a uni library – Microsoft Office is central to getting work done.surface laptop

You can get a 1 year free subscription to Office 365 – including Word, Excel and PowerPoint – with the Surface Laptop*.

Another cool thing about Office 365 is collaborative working. So you can be at the kitchen table working on the same document as classmates or colleagues elsewhere. There’s no more version control. You can get Office apps for your smartphone or tablet as part of the deal – so you never miss a message.

*Office 365 offer is for a limited time only and must be activated within 6 months of Windows activation date. Offer ends 15/10/2017.

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