My best mate, the MacBook Pro...

11 Oct 2010


So, is now a good time to buy a MacBook Pro? Definitely! You don’t have to be a whiz kid to use these machines either (because I’m definitely not), but of course they’re perfect if you’re a professional photographer or graphic designer.

I bought an Apple MacBook Pro a few months back and it’s by far the best computer experience I’ve had. Everything just works, and works together…

Just like Windows, I’ve got everyday apps on the Mac like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which makes it the perfect platform to work on. As well as using it to type up letters, documents or assignments, I’ve also found it great for just kicking back with a DVD, or using it to watch something on iPlayer or 4 OD; the picture’s so crisp, and that’s because of its backlit LED screen, incredible graphics and lightning speed processors…

Another highlight of the MacBook Pro is that it’s even more energy-efficient for everyday tasks like writing emails and surfing the web, so I can be green while I’m working, plus it’s less prone to picking up viruses off the internet!

I’m not exactly what you’d call a computing connoisseur, but I’ve found the MacBook Pro amazingly easy to use, not to mention fun, fast and furious, whatever I’m using it for. But don’t be fooled by its dinky dimensions, because this powerhouse is loaded with a whole range of cool features.

I’m definitely not one for staying in one place for too long, and if you’re anything like me, then the Mac is definitely designed for you.

Because it’s so thin and light, I’ve found I can take my MacBook virtually anywhere with me, without any qualms. I’ve taken it to the airport, had it on the commuter train, and taken it to work. The MacBook Pro also has built-in Wi-Fi technology, which means it can link with wireless networks at a moment’s notice – perfect when I’ve needed to check something online, or drop a friend a line on the move.

But why do I think it’s so great? Well for starters, the MacBook Pro has a Multi-Touch trackpad. This entire trackpad is the button, so I can click anywhere. I’ve noticed it gives my hands loads of room to move on the large, silky glass surface and I’ve been able to get a little more intimate with my photos, documents, and of course the web. I can simply zoom in or out on my photos with a pinch, or scroll up and down a page with a flick.

The Mac caters for my day-to-day tasks, too. It has applications like email, calendar, contacts, browsing the Internet, and it also comes loaded with Snow Leopard and the iLife suite, including iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband and iWeb.

One of my favourite features is iPhoto as it appeals to the Dorothea Lange in me. This app lets me edit and store my enormous photo compilation with no trouble and then publish them to Facebook or Twitter at the touch of a button. Brilliant when you want to share something wonderful, terrible when you come home from a party and decide that the whole world wants to see your embarrassing photos…

Another fantastic feature of the MacBook Pro is iMovie! When I returned to the UK after I went travelling for three months around South-East Asia, I used this app to create a movie that documented my travel period. I added soundtracks, uploaded videos and photos, and recorded voice links, which recounted my nomadic adventure. I then used iDVD to burn the movie onto a DVD disc, so I could show it to family and friends (and yes, I still cringe to this day when I watch it, but it’s a keepsake I’ll have for years to come)...

The iSight camera that sits above the screen is really handy. I use it for chatting online to friends across the globe with iChat or Skype. Or if I’ve had a hard day (or am just bored rigid), Photo Booth is awesome! I’ve had a laugh trying out all the fun photo effects that really do a good job of making me look super ugly… or do I really have a huge bulbous head and massive googly eyes?

So you’ve heard the technical spiel from me, (well, maybe not exactly ‘technical’)... So what are you waiting for?