NEWS: Creative Launches iPod Nano Rival

10 May 2011


Dixons1105091436291-1.jpgCreative has unveiled a micro MP3 player that rivals Apple’s iPod nano in terms of looks and functionality but comes at a reasonable price.
The Zen Style M300 portable music player boasts a 1.45in screen which is slightly larger than the Apple device.
It also has Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity which enables it to be used with wireless headphones.
An additional feature which separates the new Zen player from the iPod nano is that users can support the on-board memory (4-16GB) with a micro SD card slot.
The device comes with an FM radio, which allows for 32 pre-set channels, has a battery life of up to 20 hours and supports MP3, WMA (DRM9) and WAV file formats.
The cost of touchscreen devices are also quite reasonable, with the 4GB model starting at £39.00, while the 16GB model is priced slightly higher at £79.99. The 16GB iPod nano currently costs £163.