NEWS: Demand for tablets forecast to rise

21 Apr 2011



A research and consulting firm has predicted further increase in demand for tablet computers over the coming years, boosting the market.

Anticipating skyrocketing demand for tablets, experts said that a decrease in price level would see more customers buying such devices in the near future.

A report from Strategy Analytics claimed that tablet market will be valued at $49 billion in 2015, making tablet PC one of the world’s top-selling consumer electronics products.

By the year 2015, there could be an eightfold increase in sales, with 149 million units shifted.

Currently the tablet market features a number of brands including Apple, Samsung, HP, Motorola and Lenovo.

Devices equipped with Google’s Android operating system are likely to gain popularity, while the new BlackBerry PlayBook – running QNX – is also expected to attract many customers.

Another report by Gartner predicted that 295 million units of tablet computers will be sold by 2015.

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