NEWS: LA Noire ´Fourth Most Hit Term´

20 May 2011


Dixons1105201459251-1.jpgLA Noire, Rockstar’s latest video game, is one of the most hit search terms on internet over the last seven days, according to Google Insights.
The video game, which runs on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is the fourth most searched for product-related term in the world.
LA Noire, developed by the company behind Grand Theft Auto, is due to be released on May 20 in Europe, then in Japan on July 7. It is already out in the US.
Set to a film noir style in 1947 Los Angeles, it is the story of Cole Phelps, who collects clues, solves crime and enforces the law. Actor Aaron Staton, known for his role as Ken Cosgrove in Mad Men, plays the role of the upstanding cop.
The Galaxy Tab, the latest Samsung series tablet device to run on the Google’s Android operating system, is also among the most searched terms on the net.