NEWS: Twitter Users Warned On Injunctions

10 Jun 2011


Dixons1106081507114-1.jpgTwitter users who reveal information on the site in breach of privacy injunctions could face prosecution, Attorney General Dominic Grieve has warned.
Speaking to the BBC, Mr Grieve said he would himself initiate legal proceedings for contempt of court if such action becomes necessary to uphold the law.
Normally, the enforcement of a privacy order issued in a civil case is the responsibility of those who have taken it out.
They can file a case in court against people who violate the terms of the order, the attorney general explained in an interview on Radio 4’s Law in Action show.
However, Mr Grieve said he would personally intervene if individuals published details protected by injunctions on Twitter and other social networking sites.
People found guilty of deliberately breaching court rulings could be handed fines or even jail terms.