NEWS UPDATE: Apple To Secure Macintosh Systems

26 May 2011


Dixons1105261354462-1.jpgApple has published instructions for Mac OS X users to get rid of fake antivirus malware that attempts to make victims reveal their credit card details.
Mac Defender, a fake antivirus programme, tells users that their computer is infected with malware and tricks them into installing the rogue software using their credit cards.
Apple has provided instructions on how to avoid or remove Mac Defender from their systems in an article HT4650, titled “how to avoid or remove Mac Defender malware”
The multinational corporation has also said it will upgrade its Mac OS “in the coming days” to enable automatic removal of the malware.
The rogue software, also called Mac Security and Mac Protector, hit earlier in this month, but is expected to have affected anywhere between 60,000 and 125,000 customers.
The figures were posted by ZDnet’s Ed Bott, based on the information collected from a source at one of Apple’s support centres. But Apple has not passed any comments on the issue.