NEWS: Women Contribute To Digital Piracy

19 May 2011


Dixons1105191235041-1.jpgResearch has indicated that older women are contributing to digital piracy as a result of e-reader and tablet PC ownership.
According to the study by legal firm Wiggin, one in eight women over 35 who owns such devices admits to having downloaded an unlicensed e-book.
This is compared with just one in 20 women in the same age group who confess to having illegally downloaded a music file from the internet.
The firm’s annual Digital Entertainment Survey showed that 29% of e-reader owners of both genders admit to having engaged in piracy, while for tablet computers the figure rises to 36%.
Around 21% of those polled said they are involved in some form of illegal file-sharing. However, 62% of people said they want authorities to adopt stringent measures to tackle internet piracy.
Statistics released by the Publishers Association showed that the total sales of books and e-books declined by 3% in 2010, with e-books contributing just £16 million to a £3.1 billion industry.