Nook HD tablets launched

A new seven-inch Nook has entered the mini tablet fray.

23 Nov 2012


The Nook HD was released in the UK alongside a bigger brother sporting a slightly larger nine-inch screen, going under the name Nook HD+.


The seven-inch Nook HD comes with the option of 8GB or 16GB of storage, and it's appealing for the affections of those of us weighing up the iPad mini or Kindle Fire. People wanting to read on their mini tablet will find plenty to celebrate with the Nook HD, with a great 1440 x 900 resolution as well as access to the online Nook store for books and magazines.

A backlit screen could also see more of us enjoying a bedtime read when our partner has dozed off. The mini tablet boasts a full HD display, and comes in the cool monochromes of white and grey - rebranded as smoke and snow. It weighs a lightweight 315g, so you can enjoy checking out the new Jo Nesbo novel while standing on the train, or the latest edition of Cosmopolitan while on your lunch in the park.

Both tablets can access the Nook store, which features 2.5 million eBooks and a selection of magazines and apps.
As well as sporting a bigger screen the nine-inch Nook HD+ also offers more storage, with 16GB and 32GB options.
People can put the larger screen and full HD to good use when the Nook Video Store launches, with TV shows and movies from Disney and HBO among a host of entertainment on offer.

Pre-orders for both tablets were said to have "exceeded expectations". The Nook HD and HD+ offer around 10 hours of reading time and nine hours of video.