Partner works at home? Bring the office to the sofa with Surface Pro 2 tablet

Meet Surface pro 2 - a tablet that´s as powerful as a high-end laptop, great for working at home or on the train with full Microsoft Office and eight hours´ battery...

28 Oct 2013


Buying for someone who's always working at home?

If they like the idea of a tablet but first must replace their past-it laptop you should take a look at Microsoft's new  Surface Pro 2.

Surface Pro 2 With Stylus

(Credit: Microsoft)

It blends the power of a high-end laptop with the portability of a tablet, meaning they'll be able to use it to work and play from the sofa, home office or kitchen table. 

Work and play from the sofa

Featuring the latest Intel processor, the Surface Pro 2 is a high-end laptop condensed into a touchscreen tablet.
It will breeze through anything they throw at it - from Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to browsing the web and catching up with the soaps and Match of the Day.

The Haswell processor also means they can expect as much as nine hours' battery when on the road.
But hang on, what's all this about Excel and PowerPoint on a tablet? That's what so special about the Surface Pro 2.

Start a project in the office, finish at home thanks to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Most workplaces have PCs running Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and with full versions of them on the Surface Pro they'll be able to finish what they don't manage in the office from the comfort of your warm kitchen.

And with SkyDrive cloud storage they can pick up exactly where they left off. What if they don't upload their documents to SkyDrive? There's a USB port - pretty much unheard of on a tablet - too.

Typing on a tablet? Surface Pro 2 has a keyboard add-on

Surfacepro 2Keyboard


You may be thinking how he (or she) will type documents and enter data on a touchscreen? Well, the Surface is available with a separate keyboard.

Just attach it to the base of the Surface, fold out the tablet's new kickstand and they'll pretty much have a full-on PC sat on the kitchen table. As they bash out a report while you're cooking tea, they'll notice the keyboard is pretty nifty at touch-typing too.  

Finish a spreadsheet, watch a movie and tweet at the same time

Excel Webapp

(Microsoft: Ecel 2010)

But all work and no play makes for a pretty boring life. It's a good job the Surface comes with a 1080p high definition screen for watching videos and checking out apps. They'll even be able to work on their spreadsheet and catch up on the soaps at the same time thanks to a cool snap app feature that allows them to resize three apps and run them on the screen at the same time.

This is one of the many fab features of Windows 8.1, the operating system the tablet runs upon. Programmes and apps are accessed by tapping on big colourful tiles on the Start screen. And then when they've finished working and playing for the night, just flip the keyboard over and it makes a handy protective cover.

Lightweight with hours of battery makes Surface perfect for commuting

The cover is great for when they take it on the train in the morning.

Although we've spent quite a lot of time chatting about using the Surface at home, it's pretty hot on the go too.
The new Haswell processor means they can expect as long as eight hours' video; great if they're trekking to London or wherever for a big meeting and want to escape the grim train carriage with a bit of Hollywood glamour.  

With Outlook running on the Surface, they'll be able to stay on top of their emails too. And once their train arrives at its destination, they can merely slide it into their bag and head off to their meeting. It weighs just 907g and at 1.35m deep, it's thinner than most laptops.

Find the right work/life balance

The saying goes that life is all about balance, and with the Surface Pro 2 you can be sure the love of your life will find the perfect compromise between work and play.

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