PC upgrades are not just for geeks

Upgrading technology has never been something the cool kids do. It has stereotypically been the reserve of geeks with thick-rimmed, rounded glasses and a penchant for saying everything is “totally and completely awesome”.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore might not be the upgrading type

Yet life throws up surprises. Geek chic is now very much in fashion, so don’t be surprised to see the like of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore stepping out in specs with sizeable frames.

While they’re yet to allude to it in any red carpet interviews, who is to say that this Hollywood couple haven’t fully embraced the geek look and swapped life in California’s trendy bars and exclusive nightclubs for a quiet night upgrading their own desktop PCs?

OK, while that is probably every bit as unlikely as you would think, it doesn’t stop the rest of us from getting a bit more performance from our desktop PCs. Laptops may not always be suited to upgrades, but most desktops are ripe for improving.

Women claim it’s just men who struggle to multitask. But if your desktop PC is struggling under the weight of having your internet browser, email, a spreadsheet for work and that all important season on Football Manager 2011 open at the same time, maybe you should upgrade your RAM.

Just check you’ve got a free slot available on your machine. Even if you haven’t, you can always replace RAM, instead of adding to it. Going from 512MB of RAM to 2GB should deliver a significant performance boost to a desktop PC without stretching the budget.

If you’re more likely to download movies than appear in them, then you might have downloaded enough thrillers to fill your hard drive. Deleting your favourites and parting with them just isn’t an option for the average film buff, so boosting your hard drive space could be the thing to do.

A 2TB hard drive should be able to hold 770 hours of DVD-quality video, which should keep even the most movie-hungry user in non-stop action movies.

Although if you’re just after a bit of extra room then you could always buy an external hard drive to plug in…

Wannabe pilots who want to see the runway in a wider range of colours and higher definition as they come into land on Microsoft Flight Simulator might consider upgrading their graphics card.

After all, if you keep missing Heathrow Airport and end up in a small, disused airfield on the outskirts of Sidcup then your PC’s spec that gets called into question and definitely not your navigation skills…

But if you don’t fancy spending a bit of time getting acquainted with your geeky side, or you just have a penchant for shiny, new things then you can always just treat yourself to a new PC... unless you think that’s a bit too Hollywood for you.

What do you think your PC is lacking? Would you consider opening it up and upgrading it? Comment below…