Peace, love and internet tablets

28 Mar 2011


Quickly taking the prime spot in the league of portable entertainment and communication devices, internet tablets have dominated our gadget obsession since the launch of the first iPad. We try to justify our craving for one by finding answers to the sensible questions of… ‘Why do I need one?’, ‘What can it do that my laptop/PC/smartphone/eReader/music player can’t?’ and ‘Is there enough credit on my credit card?’

Peace, love & internet tablets.JPG

We also tend to blur the unfortunate answers to these questions with fantasies of playing Angry Bird in a larger format than on our smartphone. The reality is that, as hard as you try to find a reason, you probably don’t actually, truly, essentially, desperately need one.

But then we don’t really need The Only Way Is Essex either, or pub lunches, or wine, or much of the other guilty pleasures of modern life…

However, in the demanding and pressure-filled lifestyles we exist in today, it’s no wonder that in 2009-2010 a considerable 9.8 million working days were lost through work-related stress, according to the Health & Safety Executive. Untreated stress can cause high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. So we figure in order to keep stress levels low, work productivity high and a tad more peace and harmony in the world, that’s reason enough to seek out whatever modern-world stress-relieving gadgets and entertainment you need! Tablets are top of that list at the moment and will be for the foreseeable future.

Having made our extravagant plans for world peace and successfully validated our decision to get our new gadget, there are tablets emerging onto the market every month, all of which have definite (and some ‘sensible’) advantages, either towards entertainment, communication or professional use. Here are a few, broken down to their most distinctive advantage:

BlackBerry PlayBook
Work-ready, efficient and secure – all the business features that BlackBerry have become renowned for will be reproduced in this luxurious tablet.

Motorola Xoom
The first Honeycomb tablet that’s been dubbed ‘the benchmark for all other tablets’ and described as ‘the tablet that has everything’ – do you need to know more? View the full specs here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab
Bigger, but surprisingly lightweight, faster and with better visuals, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an upgrade from the original 7” screen Galaxy Tab. Read about both versions here.

Advent Vega
The budget Android tablet – it definitely has the entertainment factor you’d expect from a tablet, and at nearly half the price of most of the other tablets, it’s a strong contender for those of us who ‘just want one’!

Acer W500
A good balance of fun and productivity, this tablet is distinctive for its keyboard dock, which charges and allows ergonomic typing on your tablet when you’re at home or work – great for writers whether you’re an author, blogger or just babble a lot in your emails!

Acer A500
With style, an intuitive interface and designed for exceptional multimedia, this is the tablet for gamers with incredible 3D and console-like gaming capabilities, amongst its raft of impressive features.

Dell Streak 7
An uncomplicated photo-sharing, movie-watching, entertainment and communication beauty – the Dell Streak 7 is a smaller tablet for ultimate portability, great for busybodies who are always on the move!

So what’s your reason for wanting a tablet? Is YouTube reason enough? Fancy being able to do just about everything on-the-move as well as without leaving the couch? Tell us by posting your comment below…