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Developments in technology are moving at a faster pace than ever before. Robots are carrying out surgeries, houses are being 3D printed, and virtual reality is set to change the way we learn, game and even book holidays.

24 Aug 2016


Our lives are becoming ever more tightly woven with technology, and that includes our work life too. A mind-blowing statistic from Microsoft has revealed that 65% of today’s school students will be doing jobs in the future that don’t even exist yet. This staggering fact stirs up a lot of uncertainty over what degrees and skills will see the next generation through their professional lives, but it also highlights just how much opportunity technological change will bring in the form of new and exciting future careers.

So, what kind of jobs will these be? And how can you make sure that you’ve got the skills to be prepared for this change? New advancements in the technology we use today could well prepare you for the future careers of tomorrow.

Video editing with the Surface

What is future-proofing?

Future-proofing is all about making sure you have skills that will stand the test of time, and arming yourself with the right technology is a big first step in preparing for the future. Knowing that there’s going to be lots of jobs that don’t even exist yet popping up by 2025, Microsoft are exploring how they can prepare today’s students for their future careers through the technology in their computers. From the emergence of 2 in 1 laptops to the intuitive design of Windows 10, computers are able to do more for us than ever.

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Laptops such as the Surface Pro 4 are a great example of the versatility you get with a Windows 10 2 in 1. Despite being light portable enough to slip in your bag, they are powerful enough to handle the most demanding tasks – from complex spreadsheets to creative designing and video editing. When it comes to future proofing, it is this video editing and mixing technology that will help students develop their skills for a particular job that Microsoft are expecting to appear – the Personal Content Creator.

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What will a Personal Content Creator do?

By the late 20s, neuroscientists will have developed technology that allows us to map and store thoughts, memories and dreams. In order to curate this information, Personal Content Creators will have to edit and save the memories we want to keep - much like you would edit a video on your computer.

Personal Content Creators will use software to help people increase the storage capacity of their minds, meaning some of our best memories can be stored until we want to replay them like a personal movie. Although this all sounds a little bit science-fiction now, in the future we will all be able to dip into our favourite experiences whenever we like, whether that’s going back to the beach on holiday or experiencing our wedding day again.

To explore what this job might look like in action, Microsoft teamed up with Youtube vlogger Jana and challenged her to be her own Personal Content Creator for a day. Check out how Jana created her own personal movie in the video below.


What will other future careers look like?

So, aside from becoming a memory storage specialist, what other job opportunities might be around in the near future? Microsoft and The Future Lab have done lots of research into answering that question. Here are the top jobs for 2025 and beyond:


1. Space Tour Guide

You could be taking tourists on a journey into space; recalling stories of our first expeditions out of the stratosphere and pointing out famous constellations.


2. Virtual Habitat Designer

Imagine designing virtual world for people to work, play and interact with through virtual reality. On job sites such as, advertisers asking for VR skills have already jumped up 800% since 2014.


3. Human Body Designer

Our average lifespan is set to increase to over 100 in the next 20 years as our medical technology advances. Human body designers will be able to customise new body parts, and even give them advanced features to do particular jobs and sports. The Olympics could look very different in the future.


4. Sustainable Power Innovator

Our resources will be dangerously stretched by the mid 2020s, and that means there will be more demand to find sustainable energy sources. Sustainable Power Innovators will keep the world fuelled by exploring the periodic table. By combining organic materials with elements, they will try to find a way for us to replace traditional fossil fuels. 


How can I start getting future-proofed?

Although we can’t be certain what other jobs the future has in store for us, one thing is certain – the world of tomorrow will involve a lot of technology. Finding the right laptop can certainly open up opportunities to get more creative and accomplish much more complex work, whether that’s for study or in your career. With ultra slim portable designs and enormous processing power, the Surface collection is packed with tools that can help you start building your skills and study.

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