Samsung announce Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book at MWC 2017

Samsung’s press conference is vast, with journalists and media filling the aisles between the chairs inside Barcelona’s Catalonia Congress. It’s the last event of Mobile World Congress’ press day, and the crowd is eager to find out what Samsung has to reveal…

03 Mar 2017


After a quick introduction, the first announcement of the evening is the new Galaxy Tab, adding to Samsung premium tablet series.  


Samsung Galaxy Book 

We also got a brief look at Samsung’s 2-in-1, laptop-tablet hybrid, called the Galaxy Book. It runs Windows 10 and has a Full HD+ screen, and on release it’ll be available in two sizes – 10.6-inches and 12-inches.


Under the hood it has a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, and it supports USB Type-C charging so both usage and charging will be quick. You’ll also be able to use the S Pen we mentioned above with the Galaxy Book.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Tab S3 features a 9.7-inch QXGA screen with HDR technology, which means more vivid colours and deeper blacks than ever before. And at just 6mm thick and 434g, it’s one of the most lightweight tablets in its class.

It also has four speakers, created with AKG, positioned on each corner of the device, giving you a well-rounded audio experience. And it understands which way round the screen is orientated, so if you’re switching from portrait to landscape, your sound will follow.


The new S Pen

The S3 will comes bundled with a new and improved S Pen, which has weirdly been modelled after the iconic Noris pencil by German stationery company, Staedtler.

The new S Pen(cil) is the latest tech throw back to make headlines, following Nokia’s announcement of the 3310. The pencil’s design has been kept very close to the original, and although it looks as if it’s made of wood, it’s plastic with a waxy feel.

It doesn’t ever need charging, and it can recognise over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity. Further information on pricing and availability is yet to be announced by Samsung.


The next Galaxy smartphone 

Right at the end of the event, Samsung presented the room with a 30-second teaser of what could potentially be the next Galaxy smartphone - check it out for yourself below.


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