Tablet of the Week: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung´s Galaxy Tab 3 is a nifty all-rounder perfect for a tablet gift this Christmas.

20 Nov 2013


Looking for an easy-to use, intuitive, lightweight and fun tablet for a loved one, friend or yourself this Christmas?

Then we'd recommend that you give the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 a whirl - it'll knock your socks off with its powerful performance, great graphics and all-round brilliance. Packed with everyone's favourite operating system, Android Jelly Bean, the Tab 3 comes in 7, 8 and 10.1 inch models, allowing you to pick and choose a display size which suits you. And it's certainly affordable - a 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 costs less than £140 - so makes for a great tech choice for Christmas.

Here are three reasons why we've named the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 our Tablet of the Week.


It feels great

It might seem a bit odd that we're vouching for the 'grippability' of this tablet, but it's an important feature that we reckon is often overlooked.

In their infancy tablets could be cumbersome and difficult to grab hold of and use, but tablets are supposed to be usable more or less anywhere - so why make them so clunky? You want to be able to use your tablet properly, wherever you are: watching I'm a Celebrity on the couch (admit it), sending an email from a packed train or taking notes at a pressured work meeting.

Samsung has worked hard over the years to refine the grip, weight and feel of its tablets, and this shows in the Galaxy Tab 3. Slim and narrow (it weighs 300g) and with a thinner outer edge than previous incarnations, this tablet allows you to get things done in comfort, when and where you need to.

You can do all sorts with it

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an emporium of apps, features, powerful graphics and chat tools, making it your go-to device for, well, more or less everything. Its dual core application processor and 1.2 GHz CPU Speed (never mind the jargon, all we need to know is that it means it's fast) means the Tab 3 can handle a variety of tasks with pure aplomb.

A nifty little multi-tasker, you'll find no problem in asking the Tab to do a video chat, surf the web and transfer data all at once. The tablet also houses three dedicated video, music and games hubs, meaning you can enjoy all your favourite tunes, tracks, flicks and multi-players all from the same device, and if this doesn't give you everything you need then there's always the Google Play Store - the world's your oyster.

Chat chat chat

Like chatting to friends, family and colleagues? The Tab 3 is the one for you. Packed with a range of communication features and messaging tools, enjoy chats whenever you want - find out how your pal's first gig went, speak to the parents, ask your work colleague what time that meeting is.

Samsung's ChatON tool allows to speak to more than one person, send and receive multimedia and sync across devices - smartphone, tablet, PC.

From spur-of-the-moment group video calls, enjoying your favourite music, watching a film on the train or doing some prep work for uni, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is a great little all-rounder. If you're looking to buy a first tablet or are considering a change, make this your first choice.


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