Samsung launches tablet with ´world´s greatest screen´

Samsung says the screen on its new Tab S is the ´world´s greatest on a tablet´ - find out about that and other features here

13 Jun 2014


Samsung has launched a new tablet with a super-sharp screen it describes as the "world's greatest on a tablet". 

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The Galaxy Tab S boasts a Super AMOLED display designed to give "colours that are much richer" than LCD tablets. It is also Samsung's thinnest and lightest tablet yet.

Samsung said it developed the screen after research showed that for more than 50% of the time people are using tablets to watch content.

Super light, super thin 

Samsung Tablet Tab S On Its Side

The tablet is available in two sizes - full (10.5-inches) and mini (8.4-inches). It measure just 6.6mm thick, thinner than both the iPad mini 2 and the Google Nexus 7.

The full-size tablet weighs 465g and the mini 294g. It runs a version of the Android KitKat operating system.  

Super AMOLED: Colour is richer, blacks are deeper 

Rory O'Neill, Samsung UK marketing director, said: "The Samsung Galaxy Tab S will have the world's greatest screen on a tablet form factor. It's a Super AMOLED screen that supports 97% of Adobe's RGB colour schemes.

"What that means is the colour is richer, the blacks are deeper, the whites are more brilliant and the colours are more amazing in the content you have on your tablet."

Samsung Tablet Tab S

The Tab S also features adaptive display technology. This means the screen can be adjusted to suit what you're doing - whether that's reading, looking at family photos or watching a movie.

This can be done manually or automatically. It also adjusts its white levels to suit lighting conditions. 

The Super AMOLED technology gives it a contrast ratio that is 100x bigger than those of regular LCD TVs. It has a 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio for a more cinematic feel. 

Make a call and check emails at same time with split screen 

The Tab S also boasts a split-screen feature. You can run two applications simultaneously, with each taking up half the screen.

Patrick Povel, head of tablet business development at Samsung Europe, said: "I want to make a phone call, but while doing this I can also check emails to make an appointment - dragging them both onto the screen simultaneously and working in split screen."

Galaxy Tab S - The experts' first impressions

Andrew Hoyle, senior editor at tech site Cnet, praised the slender, lightweight design and sharp screen. 

He said: "At only 6.6mm thick, Samsung has done a great job in slimming down its tablets. The size makes the 8.4-inch model in particular a good option for commuters and travellers who perhaps are keen on the size of Apple's iPad mini, but aren't willing to leave the Android ecosystem.

"The Super AMOLED display Samsung has used in both tablets looks extremely vivid, which will appeal to movie-lovers and Netflix addicts. 

"The tablets have a lot going for them, but their price puts them right alongside Apple's iPad Mini and Air which maintain their popularity by virtue of their simple software and excellent selection of tablet-specific apps.

"If Samsung hopes to take sales from Apple, it will need to focus on making its slates extremely user-friendly, while making it easy to find apps designed for larger screens."

Chris Martin, consumer tech editor at PC Advisor, said: "Although it comes at a price, Samsung has done a great job of producing two extrememly thin and light tablets which still pack in a lot of technology, some of which you won't find anywhere else.

"The screen technology makes for crisp viewing and users will no doubt benefit from additional features such as the IR blaster and fingerprint scanner."

The tablets will be available from July 4 in the UK. They come in two colours - Titanium Bronze or Dazzling White.


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