Save time with a laptop that multitasks as fast as you

Slow laptop? Browse Facebook and stream Spotify while managing spreadsheets with a speedy new model.

01 Jun 2017


Modern multitasking

You’re trying to create pivot tables in Excel and running YouTube videos explaining how to do it and plotting out those results in a PowerPoint presentation and browsing ASOS for shoes.

No wonder your old laptop is starting to chug a bit. Laptops have come a long way in 5 years.Selcuk Gucer

Credit: Selcuk Gucer 

Say goodbye to slow loading of software, multitasking meltdowns and having to wait an age to get switched on in the morning with a new Windows laptop.


Spreadsheets and Spotify? Make multitasking smooth not sluggish

The problem: You’re working in a colossal spreadsheet. It’s boring and some music would help. But streaming makes your spreadsheet slow.


The answer… a laptop with more oomph

Premium Windows 10 laptops like the Microsoft Surface Book have enough power to handle demanding tasks such as photo editing while also listening to Spotify, browsing Facebook or running other apps and programs.

This is because they’re powered by Intel Core. The processor is like your laptop’s brain, and Intel Core processors are among the most powerful, with i3 for running multiple apps or i5 or i7 for photo and video editing.


Getting to work: laptops and software should start fast

The problem: Your laptop takes forever to start up and load software – making working from home seriously frustrating.

Credit: Jamie Hobbs

The answer… laptop with speedy SSD

Switch off when you hear an acronym? In this case hear us out. We’re going to talk a little bit about SSD or ‘solid state drive’.

Why should you care? Because with one of these inside your laptop, your frustrations about slow loading will melt away.

Your laptop will reboot in seconds if you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten something. Programs and apps like Word, Excel and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator load faster when you need to make quick edits on the go. Opening the browser, checking email or streaming Netflix will all also be faster.

What is an SSD anyway? They’re a type of hard drive but much smaller, lighter and more durable than a standard one.


Luxury laptops for modern multitasking

You can find all of the features we’ve talked about here with the Microsoft Surface Book

No more having to go and make a coffee while your laptop wakes up, or watching helplessly as it crashes with your unsaved work. Or seeing the minutes tick past as your emails open – so frustrating when you know the email itself will take seconds to write.

If you’re tired of feeling like…

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You know what to do.

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