Shrug off the cold weather in your perfect Nook

Get cosy this winter with an early night and some Nook-enabled reading

30 Oct 2012


It's freezing outside and as snow falls and frost bites we're dropping like flies from planned nights on the town, the duvet suddenly much more appealing than the dancefloor come Saturday night. You take the courtesy to phone and let the girls know you can't make it, and even feign concern as the ringleader sighs disappointedly down the line - but with a new novel in your hand and the other half out with the lads it was never even up for debate.

It feels heavenly as you turn the electric blanket up to 11 and wriggle your feet around, but no matter which way you lay, you just can't find a comfy reading position. You're just about to give up, reach for your dancing shoes and put in a call to the girls when you have a true eureka moment - the other half's Nook GlowLight e-reader.


You've been listening to him boast about his new toy for weeks, and now you're holding it aloft trophy-like after straying onto the forbidden ground of his sacred 'man drawer' in true Mission Impossible style. Back in bed and those fears over aching arms and pages that won't stop flapping shut seem a distant memory - the Nook feels great whether you lie on your back, your side or on your tummy.

After a hard day at work, holding up a hefty tome in bed often seems a bridge too far, but the Nook feels much lighter than the weighty Jane Austen gathering dust on the sideboard. Coming in at a lightweight 197g, the Nook means you no longer have to choose books by what they weigh - come on, we're looking to broaden our horizons not our biceps.

Despite its compact nature you're sure you've heard the other half saying it can store 1,000 books, but scrolling through his collection of Stieg Larsson and Ian Fleming your cultural differences soon become apparent. No problems though; you can quickly log onto the built-in Nook Book Store and pick the perfect accompaniment to duvet night from the 2.5 million on offer. What about if you're wanting a lighter read? Catch up on the latest celeb gossip by picking up a magazine instead.

With a full battery charge offering half-an-hour's reading every day for two months, the Nook literally screams bedtime reading - actually, it doesn't scream anything, it's very reserved, but you get the point; the Nook and reading under the duvet are perfect bedfellows.

With the Nook's easy-to-read E Ink screen you fly through the virtual pages, while the backlight feature allows you to turn the lights low when it gets beyond the witching hour. You make a mental note to remember the backlight for when you're back to sharing the bed; it'll defuse a few bedroom barneys next time he wants to catch up on his precious beauty sleep when you're embroiled in a virtual page-turner.

And those pages really are turning. Before you know it you're up to your neck in the new Zadie Smith and it's 1am. His key rattling in the door distracts you from Smith's tales of north west London and you're tiptoeing across the bedroom floor, rushing to return the Nook to his cluttered drawer, taking care to nestle it in its rightful place between his mini-screwdriver set and a charger for a Nokia 3210 - such a hoarder.

Of course the Nook has its uses outside of the bedroom - it's perfect if you enjoy reading on the sofa, on your lunch break or on your way into work - with its lightweight and compact design taking up minimal space in your handbag and leading to envious glances from fellow Tube passengers.

But whatever you're using it for, make sure you return it to his man drawer or perhaps 'borrow' it enough times to annoy him into buying you one of your own for Christmas.