Sony shows-off bath-friendly tablet

Sony has lifted the lid on its new Xperia Z tablet

22 Jan 2013


Sony introduced us to a bath-friendly phone at the CES. So it's only right we're now meeting its bath-friendly tablet, and even without the bright lights of Vegas to illuminate its awesomeness it's still an absolute cracker.

2) Sony Showed Off Its Range Of One -touch Technology Using NFC

The Xperia Tablet Z promises to keep out water and dust and also features NFC technology to help it communicate with other Sony devices, something Sony was all over on the Strip with its hip one-touch functions kit that included speakers which played music from a phone with the merest tapping together of the two devices. 

As well as that, those of us opting for a Sony Xperia Z tablet can expect 10.1inch full-HD screen and 32GB storage all squeezed into a pretty damn slender 6.9mm case.

For those who rank thinness next to godliness, this is even more slender than the iPad. Running on Android's sumptuously named Jelly Bean, the tablet also offers budding snappers an 8MP camera for those times when wardrobe choice sees the digital camera left at home.

Oh yeah, and it also boasts a quad-core processor so it's pretty nifty when it comes to browsing the web.  
So far so good, the only catch is - it's only available in Japan at present. We'll keep you posted if and when that changes.