Microsoft to reveal more on Xbox One, Sony expected to launch PlayStation 4, and Apple to host its WWDC

Monday sees Sony and Microsoft hold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One events in LA and Apple´s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco - here´s the story so far

10 Jun 2013


Trendy techies and gaming geeks have been counting down to June 10 for months - the day we're likely to actually see the PlayStation 4, learn more about Xbox One and get the rub from Apple's developers conference.

Monday sees the tech world turn its head to the west coast of America as Sony and Microsoft hold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One events in LA and Apple hosts its Worldwide Developers Conference where it's expected to introduce the next versions of its iOS operating system from San Francisco.  

Then once Monday is out of the way it's a three-day gaming extravaganza as the E3 Expo begins in LA.

Phew: That's a lot of tech - luckily for you we'll be delivering regular updates, pictures and videos from the lot to keep you suitably informed. All you have to do is stay tuned to TechTalk.  

So, what are we to expect then?

Sony expected to reveal the actual PlayStation 4

Well arguably the biggest story of the lot is the reveal of PS4. Sure, Sony held a launch event in February but the actual console was held back - and it's widely expected Monday will be the day we finally see it in the flesh.


(Credit: AP)

The PS4 is Sony's first major games machine since the PlayStation 3 went on sale in 2006 - so it's no wonder we're getting hot under the collar about it.

At the February PS4 reveal in New York we were told the new console would be a sociable beast - with social networking and remote access features aplenty.

Among the features was one allowing gamers to record videos of their game play which could be shared with friends online by simply tapping a button.

The New York launch also saw Sony unveil the DualShock 4 controller.  

It features a touchpad as well as a light bar which allows a camera to track its movement to detect where the player is.

Using the controller will give a "tighter sense of control," according to PS4 system architect Mark Cerny.

Brian Blau, an analyst at Gartner, said the new controller would offer "better responsiveness".

He went on: "The new controller is the key to a better PS4 experience. It has the ability to share content easily, and brings in a component of touch that allows even more ways to interact with games."

Sony also described the console as a "super-charged PC", boasting an x86-based central processing unit - architecture more likely to be found in a desktop PC.

Microsoft to tell us more about Xbox One

The PS4 reveal comes hours after Microsoft holds part two if its Xbox One launch event - also in LA.

The first part of the launch focused on Xbox One's function as an 'all-in-one' system offering games, live TV, music and movies.

Xbox One Fans

(Credit: AP)

However, Microsoft said Monday's event would be more about the games.

What do we know about Xbox One already?

Well, it can be controlled through voice and movement, features an upgraded kinect sensor and a redesigned gamepad.

The new console also features a Blu-ray player, while users will be able to call up friends via Skype directly from it - without even having to pause the game they're playing.

The upgraded Kinect camera allows the device to better analyse body movements and can even read a user's heartbeat when exercising.

Apple WWDC could reveal next generation of operating systems

Meanwhile, crowds are expected to gather over in San Francisco for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Apple hasn't actually said exactly what it will unveil at the WWDC.

However, observers expect the tech giant to introduce the next versions of its iOS operating system - iOS 7 - for the iPhone and iPad and the next version of Mac OS X.

The company promises to offer an "in-depth look at what's next in iOS and OS X, and learn how to take your apps to the next level".

Apple is also expected to debut a streaming music service dubbed iRadio.

Want the full story on all of the above? Stay tuned to TechTalk

Stay tuned to TechTalk for all the latest action coming out of WWDC, as well as the Xbox One and PS4 events.

Then, once this extremely busy Monday becomes Tuesday we'll be back with more from the E3 show floor.