Steve Jobs´ top 5 Apple products

26 Aug 2011


Few company chief executives are considered to be the heartbeat of their brands like Steve Jobs is/was to Apple.

Steve Jobs loves launching new products and features

He might not have attached each and every chip to his Apple gadgets, but if you've ever listened to an iPod or spoke on an iPhone, then you'll be aware that it was Steve Jobs' inspiration behind it. I wouldn't be surprised if he signed cheques with a quick sketch of the company logo - Steve Jobs was Apple.

New CEO Tim Cook will no doubt take Apple forward in his own way, but for the moment we can just look back on some of the best gadgets brought to market under Jobs' stewardship.

1. Apple MacBook Air
To talk about Apple is to speak of sleek design and powerful performance. The Apple MacBook Air is one of Jobs' finest achievements because it is improbably thin yet can boot up in just 14 seconds - think of it as Kate Moss meets Usain Bolt and you've got the right idea. The MacBook Air's fantastic battery life and Thunderbolt connection makes it one of most impressive laptops on the market today.

2. Apple iPod
The Apple iPod took portable music players to functional, trendy new heights when it launched in 2001. The scroll wheel was a genius way to navigate menus at the speed you want without clicking furiously, while its simple layout proved that you didn't need to be a tech wizard to leave your portable cassette player behind. Today, the iPod has a fancy touchscreen and is only bettered by its telephonic cousin…

3. Apple iPhone
This was the gadget that turned me from an Apple-sceptic into an iFanBoy. I don't know where I would be without my Apple iPhone now and I probably won't entertain switching to another brand when my contract is up. Packed with all the features and downloadable apps that have made the modern iPod great, the iPhone also handles calls effortlessly. We just won't mention the awkward thing with the signal - "you're not holding it right!"

4. Apple iPad
Apple has revolutionised many areas over the years, but perhaps it hasn't breathed new life into a format anywhere near as much as the Apple iPad did for the tablet. Small, but big enough to function, and powerful, but not laden with feature it is weighed down, the iPad is perfectly formed. Steve Jobs set the standard with the iPad and competitors are still struggling to make up the ground they lost early on.

5. Apple Mac Pro
I like the Apple Mac Pro desktop because it packs everything that Apple could possibly ever want to throw at a desktop in one box. If you had a crazy amount of money burning a hole in your back pocket, or you needed a top-end machine for graphic-hungry design programs, then perhaps you could turn to the Apple Mac Pro. It's a beast.

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