Still putting up with that old laptop? Avoid tech fails with Microsoft

Fed up of multi-tasking meltdowns. Isn’t it time you sorted out your old laptop?

01 Jun 2017


From slow loading and crashing to it’s heavy, noisy design, does your laptop make you feel…

Credit: Jamie Hobbs

Isn’t it time you gave it the boot? Windows 10 laptops are fast, flexible and built for multitasking. They’ve really moved on in the past 5 years.


Chunky laptop that weighs a ton?

The answer: Magazine-thin laptops that can work and play anywhere

From Boyzone to Blur. If you’re a Spotify convert with stacks of 90s CDs gathering dust, you’ll hardly use the CD drive on your laptop. Problem is the drive adds serious weight. So if you don’t use it, lose it. Many of today’s laptops sacrifice the CD/DVD drive for a much thinner, streamlined design.

The type of hard drive your laptop has also affects its size and weight. Newer SSD drives found in today’s premium laptops have no moving parts and are much thinner and lighter. Opt for a 2 in 1 model and you can flip your laptop into tablet mode to relax with your favourite apps.

But It’s not just the design of modern laptops that’s advanced. The apps have developed to work better in your everyday life. With Office 365, for example, you can share your subscription with 4 family members.

Once you’re all set up, you can all share and collate holiday photos with One Drive storage, and get 60 Skype minutes per month to keep in touch with your family and friends overseas - so you can stay connected wherever you are.Sonya Filmonova

Credit: Sonya Filimonova


Slow and sluggish starting up?

The answer: Super-speedy to switch on with SSD  

Whether you’re ordering your vanilla latte or buying shoes with next-day delivery, you’re used to prompt service.

If only your laptop could be the same. When you switch it on it takes forever to actually load, and when you’re opening your email or web browser it’s the same. The latest Windows laptops are much faster than 5 years ago.  

Why? Because SSD storage is super speedy – whether booting and shutting down or loading apps. Everything is done in seconds.

Find out how a laptop can help you ditch slow load speedsSelcuk Gucer

Credit: Selcuk Gucer


Too many gadgets?

The answer: Ditch the gadgets weighing down your handbag with a laptop that can do their job

Life with your laptop is more like ‘heavy luggage’ than travelling light, but with a modern Windows machine like the Dell XPS 13, you can enjoy 18 hours of battery life - so you can work unplugged and ditch the power pack.

There’s no need for an iPod either. With the Spotify app and ultra-portable, lightweight laptop design, you’ve got a music player that lives in your laptop.

You can even leave your notepad and pencil case at home with a 2 in 1 laptop designed to work with Surface Pen – working just like a regular pen, you can scrawl notes directly on your screen.

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 Say goodbye to tech fails and upgrade to a new Windows 10 laptop