Kindle Fire HDX: Perfect for entertainment buffs and busy commuters

We take a look at the latest addition to the Kindle family - the Kindle Fire HDX. But what makes it so great? Find out here...

26 Nov 2013


It's finally here. The latest addition to Amazon's flagship Kindle range - the HDX - has been released in the UK in the last few weeks.

The original Kindle revolutionised e-readers, but over the years Amazon has been keen to develop its core product into a multi-functional entertainment and enterprise device capable of doing more or less anything.

In 2011, the firm released the Android-based Kindle Fire, which proved phenomenally popular and allowed users to watch video, read books and shop with Amazon.

And now we have the HDX range. In the UK, there are two new products to choose from: the Kindle Fire HDX (with a 7-inch screen) and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (which has an, er... 8.9-inch screen). There's also a 4G version of the 8.9 due for release in December 2013.

The HDX 8.9 is Amazon's highest specification tablet - but does it do enough to compete with rival tablets such as the iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Samsung Tab range?

We think so! And here are three reasons why it might just be THE tablet for you this Christmas.


It's lighter, faster and better than before

The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is Amazon's sleekest, lightest, and fastest Kindle tablet yet. The 8.9-inch Fire HDX is startlingly light at just 13.2 ounces and is, Amazon says, the lightest large-screen tablet on the market.

Packed with an ultra-fast next-generation processor, excellent battery life, stacks of memory and stereo sound, the HDX is a first-class piece of kit.

For all you gaming enthusiasts  out there, well you can look forward to a new graphics engine that is four times as good as the graphics performance of the previous generation Kindle Fire HD.

Couple this with quality pixel density and excellent colour accuracy, making it perfect for entertainment or media buffs. Enjoy stellar images, epic movie moments, and your favourite, totally addictive games, all in high quality.

Mayday! Mayday!

You will no doubt have seen the advert by now. A man is hosting a party with his friends - they want to watch a movie via his brand-new Kindle Fire HDX but he can't seem to get it working...

Instead of flustering around, the man uses a new Kindle facility called Mayday and receives instant tech support. Within seconds, he and his pals are cosying up in front of the box.

Kindle Fire HDX Mayday

The HDX comes with on-device tech support meaning you can sort out a problem or learn how to use a new feature by tapping a button on the device. An Amazon expert will appear on screen and hey presto - you're on your way to watching that film, connecting to Wi-Fi or accessing your email. Amazon aims to have all queries answered within 15 seconds.

Mayday is available 24x7, 365 days a year - maybe you'll be thankful of this on Christmas Day…

You can do work on it too

The HDX is more than just an entertainment device. If you're wanting to play games, read books and watch films then you've definitely come to the right place. But it also comes with a number of features that allow all you busy commuters to work on the move (in-between catching up with your favourite soaps and beating your high scores of course).

A sophisticated email exchange system that supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and more makes it easy to check and reply to work email on the go, as well as view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

And if you need to print documents, you can print spreadsheets, presentations, photos and emails via your home or office wireless printer. 

Absurdly light, packed with sophisticated hardware and great for both work and play, the Kindle Fire HDX is the one to beat this Christmas.