Palm-sized, super-sharp screen Nexus 7 tablet perfect for commuters and college kids

Looking for a pocket-size tablet with a super-sharp screen and fast processor that doesn´t break the bank? Meet Google Nexus 7...

06 Nov 2013


Are you married to a self-confessed telly addict or do you have a teenager at uni who loves Made In Chelsea but didn't get around to taking a TV set to their student halls back in September?

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is the perfect choice this Christmas.

The Android tablet boasts the world's sharpest seven-inch screen and is small enough to sit in the palm of their hand. It also has a powerful processor so browsing the web and updating Facebook - crucial, of course, for students - is a breeze.

What's more, it costs less than £200.

Perfect for life on the go

Its diminutive size means it's just as good for catching up with 4OD or checking out a movie on Google Play on the go as it is on the sofa.

It weighs just 290g and fits in the palm of their hand, so is perfect for using on the train or bus to work or uni lectures - even when there's standing room only.

Once they reach their stop, the tablet is small enough to slide in their bag or back pocket ready to be used again at lunch or when waiting for their mate in the union bar.

A super-sharp screen that has to be shown off

Nexus 7 New 1

Whether in the office canteen or the student union, the Nexus 7 has a screen that's really worth showing off. It may cost less than £200, but its screen packs in more than 2.3 million pixels.

This means whoever you're buying it for they'll have to get used to friends gegging in to watch Next Top Model or Match of the Day over their sarnis and soup - but being at uni is all about communal behaviour, sharing everthing from flats to food.

Tons of movies, mags and music at Google Play store

Nexus 7 Hand

Legend would have it students have quite a bit of free time, but with the Google Play store at least they shouldn't ever be stuck for something to watch. It has all the latest movies and TV shows, while they can also download apps for iPlayer and other streaming services.

And if they'd rather listen to music or read a magazine, they can also find pretty much whatever they're looking for at the Google Play store. 

Whether running apps, or browsing web, everything's fast  

Patience is a virtue for which teenagers aren't known but with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor everything they do on Nexus 7 will be suitably fast: whether running apps, streaming video, browsing the web or switching from one to the other.

Make it their own (and yours too)

They can truly make the tablet their own too. It runs on Google's Android operating system, which lets them customise their wallpaper, homescreen and other things. Because the tablet is made by Google too, it's likely to always have the latest update of the Android software soon after it's released.

We know teenagers (and boyfriends) aren't renowned for sharing, but Nexus 7 really is.  If you want to sneak the odd go on it when they come home from uni for the summer or if you're in at home while your other half is at the pub, each can set up their own personal profile with their own apps, videos, music and home screen.

Even the experts at Cnet love Nexus 7

If they open the Nexus 7 this Christmas they'll have a tablet that's fast, light, sharp, cheap and award winning.  If you don't believe us then listen to the guys at tech review site Cnet, who handed it an Editors' Choice award.

They say: "Thanks to its stellar performance and affordable price, the Nexus 7 is the Android tablet to get".

We gave Jon Bentley from The Gadget Show a Nexus 7 to review, here are his first impressions:

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