The best games of 2014, plus three you can´t miss in 2015

We´ve played the good, the bad and the buggy to bring you the best games of 2014

19 Dec 2014


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1: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Huge, sprawling and as packed with story and character as it is action.  The third Dragon Age game is the biggest and, in our opinion, best of the action RPG series.  Although the depth of lore and background may be intimidating to newcomers, the richness of the world and characters draws you in and refuses to let go.

2: Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

This isn't the Middle Earth you might be used to.  Dark, violent and surprisingly gritty, Shadows of Mordor is much less the heroic quest of Lord of the Rings and more a personal revenge tale set across a huge free-roaming world. Mixing elements of the Batman: Arkham and Assassin's Creed games, this is an unexpected pleasure.

3: Divinity: Original Sin

For fans of old school RPGs like Baldur's Gate and Planescape, Divinity: Original Sin is a must.  What really stands out is the astonishingly inventive elemental magic system.  Turn liquid (including the blood of your fallen enemies) to ice causing foes to slip, or cast lightening on pools of water to electrify them.  The more you experiment, the more you discover.

4: Wolfenstein: The New Order

The granddaddy of all first person shooters is back, and what a return to form this is!  Mixing the old-school relentless violence with a surprisingly complex plot, Wolfenstein rewards exploration and is extremely replayable. Plus, the bad guys are so utterly despicable you won't want to stop playing until you've destroyed their plans.

5: South Park - The Stick of Truth

At once a hilarious parody of turn-based RPGs and also a superb fifteen-hour long South Park episode, The Stick of Truth is everything you'd expect, and want, a South Park game to be.  Gross and offensive, yet strangely charming, Stick of Truth isn't for everyone - but those with a taste for Mr Hanky and chums will be glad to hear the PC version on Steam is completely uncut - unlike the console versions.

6: Alien Isolation

Remember the claustrophobic terror of the first Alien movie?  Alien Isolation relives those moments of breathless fear as you find yourself stalked and hunted through the tight confines of a distant spacecraft.  Dim the lights, turn up the sound and this is one of the most frightening experiences you can have.           

7: Door Kickers

Strategic action doesn't get much better than this.  Criminals are hiding in a building, and it's up to you to send in the SWAT team.  Plan the route, synchronise key moments and give the order to go!  Reminiscent of the planning stages of the original Rainbow Six games, this is tense, fast and very replayable.


8: Geometry Wars 3

Hypnotic, frenetic and highly addictive, the classic arcade shooter Geometry Wars returns with a next-generation graphical overhall and a great collection of new modes.  Even if there are a few flaws in the adventure mode, the old favourites are all present and correct meaning you'll be working on your high scores for months.

9: Goat Simulator

Finally, you can be the goat.  Climb to the top of tall cranes and headbut people off the end.  Go wild in a petrol station and cause enormous explosions.  Drag unwitting humans to who-knows-where with your extendable and disturbingly sticky tongue.  This much more fun than it should be, and the recent MMORPG update adds more value and laughs.

10: Elite: Dangerous

The granddaddy of all space simulators is back.  With its open-universe sandbox gameplay, how you shape your fortune is up to you.  Whether you choose to trade or blast your way to riches, Elite will take over your life - players of the Beta have reported playing for over 100 hours and are still going strong!




The original version was great, and the upgrade to Xbox One and PS4 even better.  Now it's coming to PC in what promises to be the best version yet.  Don't be surprised if this tops the Best Games list this time next year.

Hotline Miami 2

The original was a surprise hit of frenetic retro violence matched with a dark, engrossing story..  Now, after THAT controversial trailer, prepare to put the masks back on and blast your way through Miami's underworld again

Witcher 3

Geralt is back.  The white-haired witch hunter returns in what promises to be his biggest RPG adventure yet, where every choice you make can drastically change the course of the story.  This series has gone from strength to strength, each chapter improving upon the last, so we have high hopes for this.

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