The jargon-free guide to how Intel’s 6th Generation processors make laptops better

There are 4 simple, jargon-free reasons why Microsoft (and everybody else) is being so vocal about Intel’s new 6th Generation Core CPUs.

When people start talking about processors, bandying around terms like ‘nanometer’, ‘threads’ and  ‘clock speed’, it’s easy to get lost in the technical details. So forget all that for a moment. There are 4 simple, jargon-free reasons why Microsoft (and everybody else) is being so vocal about Intel’s new 6th Generation Core CPUs.

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1. They’re better at saving power. So your laptop battery will last longer. Much longer, in fact.

You see, running a typical CPU draws a lot of power and that can gobble up huge chunks of your laptop’s battery life. The thing is, you don’t need to run your CPU at full power all the time. A task like writing a document or reading an email should demand much less processing power than watching a full HD movie or playing a game.

Most processors don’t know the difference. But Intel’s new 6th Generation Core CPUs have been designed to throttle up the power (or dial it back) based on the tasks you’re performing or based on how much battery power you have left.

They do this by automatically switching into different power saving modes. These modes are more responsive than ever before, so you should find that you get better performance even when your laptop is operating in a low power profile.

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2. The new chips are more powerful. So you can do more, faster.

Compared to Intel’s 5th Generation chips, the 6th Generation Core processors are naturally more powerful and can handle more tasks at the same time. This means that they’ll perform even better when you’re running several programs at once or when they’re tackling more demanding jobs, like video editing or gaming.

In addition, the new CPUs have their own little stash of memory that can be used to speed up demanding tasks. Previous processors had something similar to help out with complex graphics calculations, but the 6th Generation chips can use this memory to boost tasks other than gaming.

3. They’re more secure, so there’s less chance of your computer being infected by dangerous malware.

The 6th Generation CPUs have a number of clever features to help you keep your laptop safe. For example, Software Guard Extensions (SGX) is a system designed to stop malware attacking the CPU. It fights alongside the processor’s Memory Protection Extensions to keep your system isolated if such an attack should occur.

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This built-in protection adds another row of defence to your computer and, when used in conjunction with a good Internet security/antivirus package, it should help to keep your laptop or PC far safer than ever before.

4. They handle graphics better, so you can watch HD videos smoothly and play complex games.

We’re all getting used to sharper, clearer images, with everything from smartphones to 4K TVs pushing picture quality forwards. Intel knows how important graphics are to a good computing experience and has always sought to improve the integrated graphics hardware in its chips in each new generation.

So, not only do 6th Generation Intel Core processors boast improved support for gaming, there’s also better playback and superior video processing. 4K movies should now appear smoother than before thanks to dedicated hardware on the chip. In fact, the new CPUs are so powerful, they are capable of running up to three 4K monitors at once.

Find out more about the benefits of Intel’s 6th Generation Core processors at: Intel 6th Gen Core

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