Toshiba Reveals New Android Tablet

Dixons1106061121232-1.jpgToshiba has unveiled its venture into the tablet market with its latest Android gadget known as the Toshiba Thrive.
Initially just called Toshiba Tablet, the Japanese electronics maker re-named the gadget with the aim of making it seem more attractive.
The Thrive features the tablet-friendly Android 3.1 and is powered by Tegra 2 dual-core processor. It also comes with an IPS display.
Connectivity comes in the form of an HDMI port, USBs and it also has Resolution + technology, borrowed from Toshiba’s TV range.
The tablet has a back cover that comes in different colours and can be swapped to make the device more customisable.
However, the Toshiba Thrive has only been announced in the US for now and is and is penned for a July release.
Britons may be able to buy the tablet this autumn, although no UK release date is forthcoming as yet.