Touchscreen generation: Are you freezing your tips off?

17 Jan 2011


Do you suffer from annoyance and frost-bite every time you have to take your gloves to answer your smartphone in the winter? Well, don’t fret, you have choices!

snow011.jpgThis snow-pie would be completely ruined if this little guy’s smartphone went off right now…

Recently I had to give up my beloved iPhone for 4 days (!) while it got repaired. For 4 whole days my fingers defaulted to tapping and swiping at the keypad on my ancient not-smart mobile, which resulted in little action on the miniscule screen. I dumbly had to re-learn how to use a 10 digit keypad and dinosaur-aged predictive text.

However, one thing become clear over these 4 fumbling days that for some reason had eluded me until now – I didn’t have to take my gloves off every time I wanted to use my phone! I’ve since come to realise the booming touchscreen-friendly accessories market that boasts gloves with no tips on the index finger and thumb as well as some pairs that have pads or material on the tips to bring about the same responses on your touchscreen gadget as your skin does. My personal favourite pair have flaps on the thumb and index finger that flip back like little individual mittens on your fingertips, exposing them for successful swiping action.

As well as the obvious touchscreen devices that provide such blissful convenience in our modern-day lives like sat navs, smartphones and the glory that is the tablet, there are also touchscreen digital photo frames, camera’s and camcorders, smart TV’s and computers with touchscreen monitors. So it seems sensible to avoid arctic fingertip conditions and invest in some useful touchscreen-friendly accessories.

If you’d rather whip out your six-pack abs mouse pad and wireless mouse than opt for the punk-rock tip-less gloves look for operating your touchscreen device, there are some hi-tech options that make this a perfectly efficient and fashionable option…

Microsoft has endowed us with an Arc Wireless Mouse that folds nearly in half to slip away for easy transportation. Apple’s Magic Trackpad will allow you to operate your Mac with the same smooth flipping, scrolling and swiping moves that get your tablet or smartphone going. And if you love a bit of retro wrist-action, a Touchscreen Stylus will let you drive your gadget as if you were holding a pen to paper.

So for goodness sake, don’t lose touch with your darling touchscreen toys during the cold – you have options!

Seen any nifty touchscreen accessories we should know about? Add your comments below.