Underwater tablet on display at CES 2012

Merrily submerging a tablet computer in a bowl of water is certainly one way to get people´s attention at CES.

The lid has been lifted off some of the coolest gadgets we can hope to get our hands on in the coming months at CES in Las Vegas.

CES is the world's biggest consumer technology show and is awash with tablets, laptops, televisions and practically every other gadget money can buy. So you have to do something pretty spectacular to get people's attention.

Merrily submerging a tablet computer in a bowl of water is certainly one way to do it...

Underwater Tablet

Fujitsu showed off its Arrows tablet at CES Unveiled, where members of the press could get up close and personal with 2012's leading gadgets for the first time.

The Fujitsu Arrows could well come to the UK in the next few months, although their employees were keeping their cards close to their chests at CES.

This Android tablet continues to operate smoothly even when it is soaking wet - so it'll feel right at home in the British weather. Its vital components are completely sealed, so you can happily use your tablet on a rainy day.

The dual-core tablet also picks up hand gestures, allowing you to control it without actually touching it. If you like to follow recipes on your tablet computer while you're in the kitchen, it's save you getting floury fingers all over your lovely 10.1" WXGA screen.

More than 50 tablet computers are expected to be launched at CES this year, but quite whether we will see any others dunked in a bowl of water, I'm not so sure.

Meanwhile, Samsung has been showing off a couple of small and brilliantly wireless cameras.

The SmartCam is a great home security device. Combine this camera with your home wireless network and you can view the images from anywhere. So if you train it on your front door, you'll be able to see the burglars break into your home - and then forward the evidence to the police. Busted!

But if you're more worried about crying babies than cunning burglars, Samsung's Video Baby Monitor is even better. Samsung says you can use it to check the little one is ok from just about anywhere.

Pure gave us a sneaky glimpse at the Sensia 200D Connect, which is due to be released in the UK in the next few months. This wireless audio gadget has loads of plus points, but the ability to record up to three radio stations at the same time means it could do for radio what Sky+ did for TV.

CES is just getting started, so make sure you keep up with the tech trends for 2012.