What’s new from Microsoft? New Surface tablet and SurfaceBook

Microsoft has launched a new Surface tablet and a Surface branded-laptop, the SurfaceBook, at an event in New York. Here’s the scoop…

The Surface Pro 4

Looking for a tablet that can also double as a laptop? Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4 is here to help. Microsoft says it’s ‘the thinnest, most powerful core PC ever shipped’.

The Surface Pro has been known as the ‘tablet that can replace your laptop’ since the last model was launched.

It’s designed to work with the Type Cover keyboard and runs Windows 10, so you can work in Word and Excel and stay in touch via Skype and Outlook. Just like you would with a laptop.

But now it gets even better with a larger screen, faster processor and an even thinner design. Its stylus pen also gets a redesign.

Here are some highlight features of Surface Pro 4:

  • Larger screen. The screen increases from 12-inches to 12.3-inches, giving you more space to work.
  • Thinner bezel. Microsoft made the screen larger by thinning the bezel (the bit that sits around the edge of the screen).
  • Thinner tablet. At just 8.4mm thin, Surface Pro 4 is perfect for slipping in your bag and working on the go.
  • Sharper screen. Expect sharp detail and bright colours with the 5-million pixel screen – that’s 267 pixels per inch.
  • A pen with an eraser. Microsoft has redesigned the Surface Pen and added an eraser to the end of it for rubbing out work on-screen. Pen has been made magnetic, and sticks to top of the tablet for storage.
  • Smooth drawing with the pen. ‘When you press down, and the ink naturally flows from your pen, it’ll flow from this pen too’ says Microsoft’s Panos Panay.
  • More power. Thought Surface Pro 3 was powerful? Microsoft says the new tablet is 30% faster thanks to the new Intel 6th generation processors in Core i5 or i7.
  • Cool and quiet: Deep into an assignment or project? Surface Pro 4 stays cooler and quieter so you won’t lose focus. It’s also more efficient, with 9 hours’ battery life.

Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10

Surface Pro 4 is designed to work hand in hand with Windows 10 – the latest version of Windows. Microsoft designed Windows 10 to get the best from all of your devices – laptop, tablet, phone and even Xbox.

Here are some great Windows 10 features for Surface Pro 4:

  • Windows Hello. You can unlock your Surface with your fingerprint with the new Type Cover keyboard.
  • Cortana digital assistant. Cortana answers questions and searches the web for info when you ask it. Now it’s been built-in to the Surface Pen. Just speak into the built-in mic.
  • Edge Browser. Write notes directly onto webpages in the Edge web browser using your Surface Pen and then save as PDFs.
  • Continuum. Switch from typing on the keyboard to tapping the screen automatically with Continuum.

New Type Cover keyboard

Using a Surface Pro without a keyboard is like having fish without chips. And now Microsoft has redesigned its Type Cover keyboard for an even better typing experience.

You’ve got more space to move thanks to the 40% bigger trackpad. Typing is also easier with the island-style keys and the more ergonomic design.

Did you know? The new keyboard is also compatible with your Surface Pro 3 if you want to give it an upgrade without buying a whole new Surface device.

The SurfaceBook laptop

Microsoft also launched its first-ever laptop, and it’s called SurfaceBook. There’s never before been a Microsoft-made laptop, so this is truly revolutionary.

The company says the new device will ‘reinvent categories’ and calls it the ‘fastest 13-inch laptop ever made’.

It’s stuffed with high-end components and looks incredibly cool. Make no mistake, this is a flagship laptop.

It runs Windows 10 and is a 2-in-1 style device, with a screen that can be separated from the keyboard to be used as a tablet. Windows 10 has been designed with these convertible devices in mind, and Microsoft says sales of 2-in-1s have ‘more than doubled’ in the past year.

Here are some highlights of SurfaceBook:

  • Super-sharp screen. Expect to see everything in sharp detail thanks to the 6-million pixels packed into the 13.5-inch screen.
  • Detachable screen. Transform the laptop into a tablet by detaching the screen using the clever hinge mechanism.
  • Surface Pen. Use the pen in tablet mode for taking notes directly onto the screen, like a digital clipboard.
  • Power. Microsoft says SurfaceBook is ‘2x more powerful than MacBook Pro’ with Intel’s 6th generation of processors and Nvidia GeForce GPU.
  • Long battery life. You’ll get 12 hours of battery life on a single charge, no more sitting by the plugs.
  • Cool design. The SurfaceBook is cased in silver metal, it looks premium and its trackpad is made from glass.
  • Silent typing. The keyboard makes hardly any noise when you type, according to Microsoft. It’s also backlit, and has ‘best-in-class’ keystroke.

What else did Microsoft announce?

Windows 10 phones

Windows 10 is designed to give you a seamless experience whether you’re on your laptop or phone. Now we have the first proper Windows 10 phones in the Lumia 950.

The high-end smartphone can run Office apps like Word and Excel. Plug it into the new Surface dock and hook it up to a monitor with a keyboard to work on your phone as though it’s a PC. At the same time you can be taking calls, writing messages and other smartphone tasks.

You can also shoot 4K video (with 4 times the resolution of Full HD) and take amazing pictures with the 20MP camera.

HoloLens for developers  

Microsoft’s holographic helmet made an appearance at the New York launch event. HoloLens creates augmented reality, letting wearers interact with virtual objects in their real surroundings – think robots on the sofa. Microsoft said a development edition of HoloLens is to launch early 2016 for app developers. They also showed off its gaming capabilities with a demo. It was a robot invasion tailored to your living room. Pretty far out.  

Register your interest for Surface Pro 4 – product will launch later this month