Why an all-in-one is great for students

A look at all-in-one desktop PCs - explaining how they are different to a traditional tower, and why they are great for students.


What is an all-in-one PC?

It’s a desktop PC that has all of the workings – processor, memory, hard drive - inside its screen. This means you lose the large tower box normally associated with the desktop computer. An all-in-one is sleek and compact.

Whilst it is sleek, stylish and slim, it’s not portable! We suggest you don’t lug it round to lectures or to the library. This works like a desktop computer for working in one place.

What makes an all-in-one great for uni?

1) Easy to set up

Setting it up is simple – there’s no separate screen and tower PC unit to connect. All you have to do is attach the keyboard and mouse to the PC and then plug it in.

2) Won’t leave your room cluttered

Slim, sleek and compact - the all-in-one will take up minimal space in your room. It can be much less noisy than the traditional desktop setup too.

3) Perfect for working on essays and spreadsheets

The large, full-size screen is ideal for long essay-writing sessions. The traditional, full-size keyboard also gives you plenty of room for typing. Most all-in-one PCs run Microsoft Windows, so you’ll be able to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint if you buy Office.

4) Can double as a TV

The large screen is also perfect for watching movies and TV. Whether you’re streaming something from Netflix or catching up on the BBC iPlayer. Look at all-in-ones with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) monitors.

5) Plenty of space for your movies and music

All-in-one PCs often come with hard drives as big as 2TB. That’s enough room for 640,000 photos or 2,000 hours of digital video, as well as plenty of documents for your coursework.

Many all-in-one PCs also have built-in DVD drives so you can watch your favourite films or TV shows.

6) Add speakers, a printer, an external hard drive

You’ll get plenty of ports for connecting other devices with an all-in-one. Turn the computer into your entertainment system with a good set of speakers.
Add an external hard drive to back up your most important files, or connect a printer for those times when you need to print coursework but the library is closed.

7) Great for multi-tasking

Work on essays, reply to emails, stream Spotify, shop for shoes and browse photos – all at the same time. Do this without your computer lagging and crashing with an all-in-one with an Intel Core processor. The Core i5 will give you super-smooth multitasking. 

Why not consider:

Lenovo B50

Large, Full HD screen for working and watching movies – check. Powerful Intel Core processor for multitasking – check. Slender, sophisticated design – check. Windows and the ability to run Word and Excel – check. We think the Lenovo B50 is the perfect all-in-one, handing it a coveted Our Experts Love tag.

Check out the Lenovo B50.

Check out our range of all-in-one PCs.

Whatever PC you choose to take to university with you we're here to help. Discover everything you need for your studies at Currys.

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