Why I can´t wait for the Motorola Xoom

22 Feb 2011


I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on the Motorola Xoom for what seems like an absolute age.

The Motorola Xoom is the first tablet to run Google’s Android 3.0 operating system

It first hit my radar when it picked up the Best in Show award at CES 2011 – no mean feat, considering that’s where tech firms go to show off their latest gear.

Now with it’s launch date edging ever closer, it doesn’t look like the new Motorola Xoom is going to disappoint…

So what is it about the Xoom that sends my fingertips tingling? Well, the headline feature is Google’s Android 3.0 operating system, known as Honeycomb.

Operating systems aren’t usually the sort of thing you gather round a table to talk about with your mates, but Honeycomb is a little bit special because it’s the first Android system made especially for tablets.

I like to tinker with my tablet, so the Xoom’s customisable home screen appeals to me, as well as neater notifications and the promise of an altogether smoother experience.

Dixons Retail category director Jeremy Fennell is also excited about its launch – you’ll be able to buy the Motorola Xoom WiFi as soon as it’s released.

He said: ” Motorola Xoom is the first tablet to offer Android 3.0, which has been specifically developed for tablets and brings a whole new computing experience.”

“We are sure the Xoom will delight our customers – enabling them to enjoy benefits such as internet, gaming, keeping in touch via email and video chat, and the ability to download all the apps that Android tablets provide.”

The Motorola Xoom is able to get the most out of Honeycomb because it’s packing some serious power. A dual-core processor, with each core operating at 1Ghz, should be more than enough to keep up with even the most demanding Android apps.

I get a bit bored of my daily commute on the train, so I’m looking forward to spending time ticking off levels of Angry Birds during rush hour. I’ll get a good look at those greedy pigs with the Xoom’s 10.1” HD widescreen display… Oi! Bacon! Hands off my eggs!

Tablets are awesome because you have the internet in your hands, or at least most of it. I’m a sucker for fancy looking websites with videos and graphics, so I’m chuffed the Motorola Xoom will have Adobe’s Flash Player to bring the best out of the web. No more error messages or disappointments for me…

Battery life might not be a headline-grabbing feature, but I can tell you that nothing is more annoying than your power running out with five minutes to go in a tense episode of The West Wing… What will President Bartlet do now? Oh, I bet he’s got a hilarious quip to sum up the situation. I just have to get to a socket to find out.

So finding out the Xoom’s battery can stretch to 10 hours of video playback really did put a smile on my face. That’s enough video time to keep me occupied on a flight from London to San Francisco, or a delayed train to Manchester on a Friday evening, I suppose.

Yes sir, if 2011 is going to be the year of the tablet, like everyone keeps telling us, then I’m certain that the new Motorola Xoom will be leading the way.

Are you looking forward to buying the Motorola Xoom? Find out more about the world’s first Honeycomb tablet here!