Why the Surface Pro 4 is in Mike Kus’ photography kit

Graphic designer and photographer Mike Kus loves the Surface Pro 4’s portability for editing photos on the go.

19 Aug 2016


Mike Kus sees the world a little bit differently than the rest of us. That’s because he loves nothing more than taking photos from unusual angles with his smartphone or camera and sharing them with his many fans on Instagram.

He explains, “we’re not used to seeing our surroundings from these viewpoints and it can make for some great pictures.”

Over the years he’s built a successful design business that takes him all over the world and he needs a laptop that can keep the pace. His Surface Pro 4 is as much an important tool in his photography kit as any lens, spare battery or memory card. “It’s super-portable and great for editing on the move,” says Mike.

It’s not just the portability that makes this 2 in 1 laptop standout. It can:

  • Handle demanding photo editing software like Photoshop thanks to the Intel Core i5 processor
  • Easily switch between apps while you work or create individual desktops for specific tasks or projects
  • Watch films or play games in beautiful detail with a better-than-HD display 

Check out the Surface Pro 4.

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