Women ´own majority of tablet computers in UK´

Anyone who says gadgets are strictly for guys has been disproved by latest figures showing the majority of the UK’s tablet computers are owned by women.

Anyone who says gadgets are strictly for guys has been disproved by latest figures showing the majority of the UK's tablet computers are owned by women.

Girl With Tablet

YouGov says in the second quarter of 2013, 52% of the nation's tablets were owned by women. This was up from 43% during the same period last year.

However, it's not just girls falling under the spell of devices such as Apple's iPad and Google's Nexus 7 - one in five people now own a tablet in the UK.

What's more, 19% of those who've not yet joined 'club slate' are considered 'hot prospects' to climb aboard the revolution. We're fast becoming a tablet nation.

YouGov's findings are based on a survey of 3,824 over-18s questioned in May.

This was the first time women have taken the majority share of tablet ownership. So, what's attracting the fairer sex to the world of touchscreen slates?

Researchers working on the Tablet Tracker say there are two main factors: the rise of smaller, seven-inch tablets such as the iPad mini; and the trend for gadget-loving guys to pass on older tablets such as iPad 1s and 2s to partners when they upgrade to the latest model.

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John Gilbert, lead director at YouGov Technology and Telecoms, said: "The early adopters of tablets have typically been affluent males. As they buy the latest models, they have placed their old devices on to the secondary market or given them to other members of their household.

"A growing number of females and under-35s own older tablets, such as the iPad 1 and 2 while affluent males have the more recent iPad 3 and 4 and Samsung devices."

But he also claimed the new generation of smaller tablets is having an impact, saying "women and young people are driving the popularity of iPad mini in the UK".

And who can blame them? After all, there's a lot to love about iPad mini. It condenses the full iPad experience into a handy seven-inch device that can be slipped into your pocket or handbag. It's great for people who love the design and features of iPad, but want something lighter and more slender - in fact, Apple says it's 'every inch an iPad'.

I Pad Mini Schiller

With thousands of apps (375,000+) you can enjoy flicking through a favourite magazine on the train into work, with the screen noted for "elegantly displaying larger-format magazines and apps".

The 7.9-inch screen is also great for catching up on the soaps you missed from the comfort of your bed. The 10-hour battery life will get you through the whole EastEnders omnibus and beyond.

So, we know the score when it comes to gender, but how does tablet ownership spread across the generations?

Young hipsters have always been associated with the latest tech, and people in the 18 to 34-year-old age group now account for more than a quarter of the market (26%). This is up from a fifth last year.

However, Tony Cripps, an analyst at research firm Ovum, said the appeal of tablets transcends the traditional tech geek community.

He suggested the "utility and ease of use" of tablets meant they were becoming increasingly desirable across the generations.

He told the BBC it was "no great surprise" that roughly the same amount of men and women were now using them.