You wouldn’t use a phone without a touchscreen, so why are you still using that old laptop?

Run your life from your laptop with a large touchscreen and smartphone-style apps ­– your old one will soon seem like a throwback…  

01 Jun 2017


Whether you’re snapping selfies on nights out, sorting out your banking or WhatsApping your weekend plans, your smartphone is at the centre of your world.

Heck, you might even be making a call.

Smartphones are so easy to use thanks to their apps and touchscreen design. So wouldn’t it make sense to use a touchscreen laptop, too?


Smartphones – from fad to phenomenon

The first smartphones were met with bewilderment. People didn’t understand how they could benefit from a touchscreen – now we can’t live without them. Just like the smartphone made the traditional phone obsolete, a touchscreen laptop could soon make your current one seem old fashioned.Ryan Oftedahl

Credit: Ryan Oftedahl


So, touchscreen laptops are the future?

Yes, they are. There are different types of touchscreen laptop, but 2 in 1 models get the best from the technology. These give you a laptop and a tablet in one. Some are more tablet than laptop, like the Surface Pro 4.

Others are more laptop than tablet, like the Dell Inspiron 13.

Clever design like magnetic catches and swivel hinges help these laptops turn into tablets with minimal fuss. Windows 10 works with your mouse and keyboard as well as touchscreens and apps, making it perfect for 2 in 1s whether you’re using it as a laptop or as a tablet.                                        

2 in 1s can do everything you’d expect from a regular laptop, and then some… here are 6 things you can do better with a 2 in 1 touchscreen than with a regular laptop.


1. Type and swipe

Constantly scrolling Instagram? Always checking your email? Or going from one WhatsApp to another? We run our lives using our fingertips and phones.

Why should your laptop be any different? Touchscreen laptops eliminate the scrolling and clicking, letting you change tiles and tabs effortlessly with a swipe.Swipe right

Credit: Paul Anscomb


2. Your phone and laptop connected

Go from your laptop to your tablet to your phone without missing a beat. With a Windows 2 in 1 laptop and the right apps on your phone, you can get your emails, Word docs and calendar across all your devices from anywhere.

Did you know? Simply speak into your phone to add new appointments to your calendar on your laptop with the Cortana digital assistant


3. Never miss a message

From a message about a night out to the latest news on your fave celeb stalk, never miss a beat with latest updates from your calendar, Facebook and Instagram. Live Tiles sit on the Start menu in the bottom left corner, and constantly update with your freshest info.


4. Make notes on webpages

Love scribbling ‘must-buy’ notes on your copy of Vogue or Grazia? You can scrawl your thoughts directly over webpages using the cool Surface Pen with the Surface Pro 4. Save as PDFs and share with your friends. You can annotate any webpage – from travel planning (imagine us here) to more sober financial planning (we can’t afford this).


5. Further your foodie status

Laptops don’t naturally belong in the kitchen, but the latest touchscreen models make a perfect sous chef.

  • Follow YouTube recipes with your laptop perched on your worktop – use your fingers to swipe through videos
  • Get hands-free cooking tips when your hands are full by talking to Cortana – and make shopping lists


6. Make like you’re at art school

Creatives will love the Surface Pen too. It plays really nicely with Adobe apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. So if you’ve been inspired by artists and fashion designers, you can have a go yourself – draw on the screen like you’re using pencil and paper.

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