YouTuber Ash Tailor explains how to put your passions into action

Filled with wanderlust? Dream of the bestseller lists? Don’t put off your passion ‘til tomorrow – find your ‘ignition moment’ today with the right laptop…


21 Jun 2017


This time next year

Whatever your dreams, it can be hard turning them into reality. It’s so much easier to say, 'I’ll start that blog next week', ’I’ll write that book next month', 'I’ll travel the world next year'.

No more excuses, let’s do it now.


Find your 'ignition moment' with a new laptop

The right laptop, believe it or not, can really help get things under way. Today’s laptops are faster, lighter and more powerful than models just a few years old. They are streets ahead – and they might have the key to unlock your inner travel blogger or put you on the path to your first novel.

Asus Vivobook x405

Take the ASUS X405. It’s slim enough to slide in your bag but packs enough power to smoothly multitask – so you can be emailing and streaming Spotify while working like a pro.

Find out more about the ASUS X405


Looking for inspiration on how to get started? Meet YouTuber Ash

When you look to people at the top of their game - famous YouTubers, bloggers with book deals and high-profile travel writers - achieving your dreams can seem a daunting task, but everyone starts somewhere.

We caught up with YouTuber, Ash Tailor. His videos on latest tech get tens of thousands of views, and he uses a modern laptop to produce and edit his blogs, but it wasn’t always that way:

'I was there myself, and I know the difference it can make – whether you’re creating a fashion blog or writing a book', says Ash. 

That’s why we’re offering you the chance to win a HP Pavilion X 360 laptop ­and £500 worth of tech to help get you get started on following your passion – watch the video below for details of how to enter and T&Cs

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What laptop? Get your priorities straight

When it comes to buying a laptop to help pursue your interests, it can be easy to think you need the most powerful one you can afford. But power isn’t always the most important element.

Ash spends a lot of his time editing videos. Video editing is one of the most demanding tasks for laptops – requiring the most powerful Intel Core processors and heaps of memory and graphics. So only a top of the range spec will do.

YouTuber, George Benson, reveals his laptop wish-list for video editing

But if you’re a blogger, a budding author, or someone wanting to stay in touch with the world while you’re travelling, these features will be less relevant.

That’s because word processing, web browsing, streaming, basic photo editing and uploading content to WordPress demand much less power, meaning you’ve got room in the budget for responsiveness, style, portability and so much more.

Style blogger Fashion Foie Gras tells us what she needs from a laptop


Best features for travellers and writers

So where should you be looking? We recommend focusing on the following features: 

  • Portable design: Work on the go with thin and super-light laptops – from the Amalfi Coast to your local coffee shop
  • Durable: Laptops wrapped in tough carbon fibre and aluminium shells can easily hack life on the road – wherever that may take you
  • Long battery life: Work all day without being weighed down by a clunky power-pack
  • Get things done fast: Boot up and shutdown in seconds with SSD storage – apps load much quicker too
  • Multitask: Write in Word or WordPress and research online while listening to a Spotify soundtrack with an Intel Core i3 processor


Get started with the ASUS X405

The ASUS X405 has all of the above. What’s more, the laptop looks amazing – ‘small, lightweight and pretty nifty’ says Ash.

Not much thicker than a copy of GQ or Vogue and weighing just 2kg, you can get to work no matter where you are. It also comes in sleek gold and silver

It also comes in sleek gold or silver.

Everything you do will be fast – no more time lost to slow loading. And you can smoothly switch from one app to another thanks to SSD.


The benefits of SSD

‘What you’ll notice straight away is just how quick it (the laptop) starts up,’ says Ash. ‘This is down to the solid state drive, or in other words the SSD.’ 

The SSD replaces your hard drive and is thinner, lighter and faster – it has no moving parts so it’s also more durable.

‘You’ll notice this speed immediately when copying files, loading programs and much more,’ explains Ash.

The SSD works hand in hand with the latest Intel Core 7th generation processor, which is like your laptop’s brain. 

Watch Ash get hands on with the ASUS X405:

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