macOS Sierra and iOS 10: What’s new for your iPhone, iPad and MacBook?

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are now available to download - here are some of their best bits...  

15 Jun 2016


New software is now available for your iPhone, iPad MacBook and Mac - have you downloaded it yet? 

Apple updates its operating systems annually, and iOS 10 and macOS Sierra were first unveiled at the Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in San Francisco earlier this year. 

Credit: AP

What’s new for Mac or MacBook - macOS Sierra

Apple says its new operating system for Macs and MacBooks makes the computers ‘smarter and more helpful than ever’. 

The Mac operating system is usually called OS X, but it’s now been rebranded as macOS.

Here are the best bits of macOS Sierra

Use Siri voice search on your MacBook

Siri is Apple’s virtual assistant. It works by responding to your voice - you can use it to send messages, plan meetings and make phone calls. 

Until now the feature has only been available on iPhone and iPad but Siri has now launched for the Mac and MacBook computers. 

With Siri on your Mac you can use your voice to:

  • Search for files – such as a document you worked on last night
  • Look up information
  • Add a meeting to your calendar
  • Drag and drop items from search results into documents
  • Send messages or start a FaceTime call


Continuity continues to grow

Apple is famed for its ecosystem – the way its products just work together so well.

Key to this is Apple Continuity with which you can connect your iPhone, iPad and Mac. You could start writing an email on your iPad and finish it on your iPhone, for example.

With macOS Sierra it gets more sophisticated.

When you save a file to the desktop on your Mac you’ll be able to open it from your iPad, iPhone or another Mac using Apple iCloud.


Copy and paste from your MacBook to your iPad

Copy and paste gets more sophisticated too.

Copy a file on your MacBook and then paste it on your iPad using what Apple is calling the Universal Clipboard.

It makes copy and paste seamless across your Apple devices. Anything you copy sits in iCloud so you can paste to a different Apple device.


Work and play at the same time with Picture in Picture

If you often watch Netflix or YouTube when working you’ll know it can be fiddly running 2 separate windows.

Now when you want to watch a video while working in a document, it plays like a pop-up window, letting you ‘float video’ over your desktop while you write your report or analyse your spreadsheet.


What’s new for iPhone and iPad – iOS 10

Apple says iOS 10 will makeeverything you love about your iPhone and iPad even better’.

Here are the best bits about iOS 10

Messaging gets arty with enhanced emojis

Animated emojis have changed the way we talk to one another – barely a message pops into your inbox without some kind of smiley face or ice cream cone.

Now Apple is making iPhone messages more ‘fun’ and ‘expressive’ with powerful animations in iOS 10.

It talks about ‘balloons, confetti or fireworks that can take over an entire screen’.

When you’re typing out a message it’ll even give you suggestions where you can replace a word with an emoji. For example if you type the word ‘heart’ it’ll give you animated hearts and kissing smiley faces to use instead.

You can also write messages in invisible ink – with the text only revealing itself once the person swipes it.

Notifications get smarter 

WhatsApp, Facebook, football scores, work email. Our phones are plugged into our lives. We manage these through notifications which pop up whenever something updates. Now these notifications get smarter.

Simply pick up your iPhone and it'll wake up with your notifications there for you. You can view videos or respond to messages from within notifications too - do more with less effort. 

Photos get smarter and easier to manage

How many photos do you take with your iPhone? It can be hard to keep track of them all, right?

With iOS 10 your photos are grouped automatically into logical albums.

They’re scanned and ordered by the people and things in them and the places they were taken. It uses facial, object and scene-recognition technology.


Control your home from your phone with Home app  

Your iPhone is your go-to device for chatting, web browsing, messaging and taking photos – but it can also help you to run your home. 

In a smart home, everyday appliances such as thermostats and light bulbs connect to the internet so you can control them using your phone. 

Apple’s smart home system is called HomeKit – and it’s already compatible with over 100 products including Philips Hue lightbulbs, Logitech security cameras and Hive thermostats

Now Apple has launched a dedicated iPhone app called Home, which lets you control compatible products from a single screen.

When you go to bed or get up you can have several things switched on or off at the same time – merely by saying a simple voice command like ‘good morning’.


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