Must-have tech for Christmas

Every Christmas there are some ‘must-have’ items: the gifts which will be unwrapped by thousands of people come December 25th and fought over on Christmas Eve by people desperate to get their hands on the last one... here they are

Every Christmas there are some 'must-have' items: the gifts which will be unwrapped by thousands of people come December 25th and fought over on Christmas Eve by people desperate to get their hands on the last one.

What no one wants is to be the person looking at a disappointed face on Christmas morning when their loved one unwraps a hastily purchased substitute gift, or even worse, an IOU which can be cashed in once the shops have restocked after Boxing Day.

To make sure that doesn't happen to you, we've compiled our list of this year's must-haves, so read on and remember to head to the shops early!

Apple of their eye

I Pod Nano

It used to be traditional to get an apple in the toe of your stocking if you'd been good but nowadays you're much more likely to find an Apple product among your presents.

The iPhone 5 is likely to be at the top of many Christmas lists and don't be deterred if your loved one already has an iPhone - the latest edition is the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever and boasts a bigger screen and improved camera, meaning they've probably asked Santa for an upgrade.

And while the iPhone may have dominated headlines, the savvy folks at Apple also released a slew of other updated and improved devices in autumn, just in time to make it onto people's Christmas wish lists. The iPod Touch and iPod Nano have both had makeovers, with the former now boasting a 4 inch retina display, a 5 megapixels camera and Siri.

The new seventh generation iPod Nano is now available in a myriad of shades and comes complete with a larger touchscreen, Bluetooth and full support for Nike+, making it the perfect gift for anyone who'll be taking up jogging to help them lose some post Christmas pounds.

Last but by no means least in the Apple line-up is the iPad, and while a new version before the festive season looks unlikely, the third generation tablet is truly a gift for someone who has been very good this year. With a top of the range camera, a host of fantastic media features and thousands of apps just waiting to be downloaded it's actually like a whole sack full of presents in one.

Cosying up in front of the Fire

Father Christmas delivered thousands of Kindle Fires to households in the US in 2011 and this year he'll be loading up his sleigh with a bundle of the new leaner, faster versions for the UK.

The 7-inch tablet is one of the best value on the market, with even the priciest version coming in at less than £200. But you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck. The Fire enables you to chat to your mates on Skype, browse the web with ease, play games and access a media library featuring a whopping 22 million TV shows, films, books, magazines and songs. Just don't let anyone unwrap one until after dinner or there's every chance the turkey won't make it into the oven.

For those more interested in curling up in front of an actual fire with a good book there's also the Kindle Touch e-reader which is available in various forms to suit every budget. The touchscreen technology makes flicking through a good book effortless and with both WiFi and 3G versions users are just a few simple clicks away from millions of books, wherever they are.

Fun for the family

Christmas is a time for family and what better way to bond than over a good game? But forget Monopoly and Cluedo, this year it's all about the X-Box Kinect.

Taking gaming to a whole new level, the Kinect Sensor & Kinect Adventures game pack allows you to use your body as the controller, putting you right in the middle of the action. The Adventures pack includes 20 simple games which get you off the couch and into the jungle, an underwater laboratory or a host of other exotic locations.

The perfect gift for big and little kids alike.

Caffeine fix

Magimix Nespresso CREAM

Any of the presents above are likely to cause much excitement on Christmas morning, so if your other half isn't their best until they've had their caffeine fix you may want to give them a Magimix Nespresso CitiZ coffee machine to open on Christmas Eve.

Simple to use, the Magimix uses Nespresso capsules which come ready filled with the perfect amount of freshly roasted coffee to perk you right up. With its stylish cream retro curves, the machine is fashionable as well as functional, which means that you definitely won't get in trouble for trying to pass off a boring kitchen appliance as a gift.

So, there you go. A guide to the must have gifts people are hoping to see under their tree this year. Just consider the time and stress we've saved you an early Christmas present!