NEWS: Hotmail Bans Commonplace Passwords

20 Jul 2011


Dixons1107191403341-1.jpgHotmail has decided to ban commonly used passwords in a bid to reduce the number of people whose accounts have been hacked or are likely to be hacked.

Passwords like ‘password’, ‘123456’ and ‘ilovecats’, which are likely to be chosen by millions of other users, will no longer be accepted as they make it easier for spammers to hijack email accounts.

The ban is likely to be extended to the existing accounts too, meaning users will be asked to replace a commonly used password with a rarer one at some point in the future.

Another new option, ‘My friend’s been hacked!’, allows Hotmail users to report if they realise that another Hotmail user has been hacked.

The hacked account will then be blocked until the infected user goes through the account recovery process and fixes it.