NEWS: Sony Announces Upgraded e-Reader

19 Jul 2011


Dixons1107181304502-1.jpgSony has announced plans to launch a new line-up of e-readers soon, promising hardware and software improvements.

Phil Lubell, the company’s vice president of digital reading, told Bloomberg that an upgraded version of its Reader could be released in August this year.

The technology giant launched the Reader Touch, featuring touchscreen, in September last year.

Meanwhile, Amazon is also likely to release a touchscreen version of its hugely successful Kindle reader over the coming months.

Although Sony has not yet announced technical details regarding the new e-readers, they are expected to be priced between £130 and £150.

Mr Lubell said: “We think there will still be a market for dedicated readers as long as tablets remain in the $500 price range.”

The firm’s e-book tech could also be used for the new Sony S1 and S2 tablet devices.