NEWS: The Rise Of Social ´Petworking´

14 Jul 2011


Dixons1107141407231-1.jpgCats and dogs are the internet’s rising stars as a survey reveals one out of 10 pets in the UK have a dedicated social media channel of their own.

A growing number of pet owners are creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to share the adventures and news of their beloved animals. A survey shows at least half of them have posted pictures of their pets online.

Some of the animals have gone on to become global celebrities in their own right.

For instance, You Tube videos of the “bumbling and awkward” Maru the cat have been viewed more than 100 million times.

His Japanese owner has posted nearly 200 videos of his various antics and the Scottish Fold cat now has more than 140,000 followers waiting to see what he gets up to next.

Animal lovers are also signing up for dedicated networks such as Critter and Catster or creating websites for their pets, some of which have been raising funds for welfare groups and rescue centres.

Romeo the cat, who lives in New York has a website through which his owner has raised thousands of dollars for charity.