Plug in to Powerlines

Struggling with a slow internet connection? Find out how a Powerline adaptor could improve your network – all by using your home’s plug sockets…

14 Jan 2016


If you have trouble getting a strong or reliable Wi-Fi signal in some rooms of your house – plug sockets could hold the key to improving your internet at home.

You may not realise it but your sockets don't just carry electricity, they can also be used to transport your internet connection around your home. You can extend the range of both wired and wireless networks quickly and easily using a Powerline adapter.

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How does it work?

Chances are you already use a wireless signal to connect to the internet. Add a Powerline adaptor and it will use this to convert your electrical cables into a network:

  • Plug in the adapter and it carries your internet signal along your electric cables to any other socket in your home
  • It'll automatically detect any other Powerline adapters and link up with them
  • You can then connect an Ethernet cable from the Powerline adapter to your equipment
  • Or, depending on the model, some Powerline adapters also come with built-in Wi-Fi, which creates a new and strong Wi-Fi signal in that part of the house


Benefits of using Powerlines:

1. Beat wireless dead-spots
Is there one room in your house where signal strength is particularly low? It might be affected by the walls or floor blocking the signal. Use a Powerline to put an access point directly into that room to improve the network signal.


2. Connect your smart TV and console
Connect devices, like smart TVs or games consoles, that have online functions but don't work wirelessly. Because you plug the Powerline into a mains socket, you can position it close to your equipment and connect up with an Ethernet cable to make a wired connection.

3. Added stability
Do you struggle with a slow or unreliable connection? Wired connections are much more stable as you're not sharing it with any other devices in the home. This means your internet speed will be more consistent and there's less chance of losing a connection when you're in the middle of something important.

Why not try:
To get started, the TP-Link TL-PA411KIT AV500 Powerline Starter Kit is really easy to set up and comes with two adapters. It works perfectly for streaming movies, playing games online and downloading files.

If you’re after value for money, the BT Mini Wi-Fi Hotspot 500 comes with a broadband extender and two Wi-Fi hotspot plugs – ideal for keeping the whole house online. As well as extending your wireless network, you can also connect to the hotspots via an Ethernet cable.

More advanced users should look at the Devolo dLAN 650 Triple+. This provides two powerful 600 mbps adapters, one featuring three Ethernet ports so you can connect multiple devices and in multiple rooms.

You can also view our full range of Powerline networking equipment.