An app for world peace

The name is more than fitting because internet 'tablets' are truly an addictive remedy against boredom, loneliness and even climate change!

(This is Robbie from the office who hides under his desk playing Angry Bird on his Vega when he should be in meetings… we're thinking of sending him to Tablets Anonymous…)

As well as ensuring that the social generation are never out of touch, the iPad and subsequently, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Archos Internet Tablet and Advent Vega tablet, have made a big impact on the newspaper industry, compelling papers to go digital as commuters reach for their tablets to avoid ink-smudged fingers and long queues at the station kiosk.

The Sun newspaper has developed an app that has taken its famed page 3 girls to a new degree of infamy - 360 degrees, in fact. At less than a fiver for a 30 day subscription, a 360 degree view of the page 3 girl and a function that lets you listen to music at the same time as you browse the news, the Sun app is a fantastic value news source for the modern-day tabloid reader.

The Times and Telegraph also have paid apps where you can download the entire paper, crossword and all, in the time it takes to chomp your Cheerios every morning. At the beginning of November, the Times and the Sunday Times had registered 50,000 users for its online or mobile monthly subscriptions.

So although there is still some resistance from the public towards paid news, users are starting to realise the value for money and convenience of digital subscriptions. The movement has led to nearly every notable publication now being available online and on mobile including Marvel comics, Wall Street Journal, Popular Scientist, MTV and thousands more.

So with fewer physical publications in circulation and eReaders equally as popular as tablets, things are really looking up for our rain forests!

It makes you wonder… If the internet tablet and eReader are a feasible medication for two of the most prominent human conditions - loneliness and boredom - as well as inadvertently tackling the biggest global concern of our generation - climate change… will there be an app one day for low self-esteem, melancholy, pollution… world peace?