Google picks 8,000 to try out Glass

Some 8,000 lucky folks in the US have been hand-picked to try out Google’s new internet-connected glasses, known as Glass

28 Mar 2013


Some 8,000 lucky folks in the US have been hand-picked to try out Google's new internet-connected glasses, known as Glass.


They are the winners of a contest held by Google last month in which US residents were invited to log onto Twitter or Google+ and explain how they would use Glass using the hashtag #ifihadglass.

Glass has been racking up the headlines in recent months, and is touted as the next major step in mobile computing by many tech experts.

The glasses are equipped with a hidden camera and tiny display screen on the right, just above the eye line. It can shoot video and take pictures, and is activated through voice control rather than pushing buttons. Other features include video calling, web search and GPS.

One contest winner said she would use Glass to take pictures during a holiday to Japan so her US-based grandmother could again see her homeland.

Another was a zookeeper, who pitched the idea of using Glass to give people a first-person experience of feeding penguins.

Once the competition winners take to the streets wearing test versions of the Google eyewear they're likely to receive jealous looks from envious geeks.

However, that's a small price to pay for being among the first to sport the latest in wearable technology.

Speaking of price, there's a cost involved for those taking part.

The winners will have to pay 1,500 dollars to take part in the Glass trial. They also have to make their way to New York, LA, or the San Francisco Bay area to pick them up.

But when you consider the device isn't likely to be launched 'til late this year or 2014, it'll be more than worth the trek - it's like getting a Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka for true tech lovers.

Meanwhile, Google has announced Glass will be manufactured in Silicon Valley in the US.