Microsoft Office 2016: Everything you need to know

Microsoft Office 2016 is just out and it’s brilliant with Windows 10 across all your devices. Here’s what you need to know.

If you’ve used a PC at work, school or college in the past 25 years, then you’ve used a version (or versions) of Microsoft Office.

The software is used by 1.2 billion people for everything from typing shopping lists and essays to handling business accounting and preparing marketing presentations.  

Now another new version for Office 365 subscribers is out – Office 2016 – with enhanced features that work brilliantly with Windows 10.

All your favourite apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher just got even better. You can use Office 2016 across all your devices:

  • smartphones (Windows, Android and iPhone)
  • tablets (Windows, Android and iPad)
  • laptops, desktops and 2-in-1s (both PC and Mac)

Work effortlessly with Windows 10

Windows 10 was developed taking into account all the platforms that would use it – phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, the Xbox One – and Office 365. They were literally made for each other. And Office 2016 builds on that further.

Office everywhere

The days of Office being restricted to 1 computer are long gone. Now Microsoft makes it even easier to share across your devices.

Start writing a report in Word on your laptop, then pick it up to edit on your phone or tablet.

This has been made even easier thanks to improvements to in the software’s cloud – or online storage – functions.

Work on documents at the same time as colleagues

Want to edit a document at the same time as someone else? That used to mean all being in the room at the same time, around the same machine. Or working on countless different versions, sent as attachments which soon get very confusing.

That’s no longer the case.

Now you can work on documents at the same time as other people from different machines and locations – offices, towns, cities and countries.

This is because files are saved in the cloud (a secure place on the internet) known as Microsoft OneDrive.

This is known as real-time collaboration. With it you can:

  • write, add notes, alter content and rearrange documents in real time within a Word document or PowerPoint presentation – from different computers in different places
  • See what they’re typing as they type on your screen, and Skype them to discuss the changes

This feature is found on previous web versions of Office apps, and the web-hosted Google Docs, but this is the first time it’s featured in a desktop version of Office.

Easy document sharing

Fiddling around with email attachments can be a pain. Office 2016 makes sharing documents with friends and colleagues super-easy.

When you’re working in a doc just click the Share button and type in their name. You can also see who has access to the document, and who’s currently working in it – giving you a great bird’s eye view of your work.

Clever Inbox changes for smarter email

Can’t face decluttering your inbox? Office 2016 makes organising emails much easier, finding the latest versions for you.

Rather than receiving emails when your inbox bothers to refresh every so often, Outlook 2016 gives you instant notifications. You’ll never miss a time-sensitive email again.

Similarly, never lose important info in a long email chain – Conversation View keeps track of the thread for you.

Low-priority mail is removed automatically, to keep things from getting clogged.

Skype with colleagues from within your documents

It’s great to do business face-to-face, and Office 2016 takes this to a new level with its built-in Skype for Business that takes place in your documents.

So when you’re editing a document at the same time as colleagues in other offices you can:

  • instant message
  • voice and video call
  • hold online meetings

right there from in the document.

If you are a Skype user, whether for business or not, you’ll get 60 free Skype minutes a month to over 60 countries.

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