NEWS: CoD To Get More Online Features

11 May 2011


Dixons1105111318511-1.jpgThe next Call of Duty (CoD) will feature a raft of new online and social networking technologies as Activision looks to make more money from its super-hit franchise.
The publisher has tasked studio Beachhead with developing the new platform and has confirmed that the Call of Duty title launching this year will offer online extras for paying customers.
Details of the new game are expected to be released soon and it could become clearer if the premium features are actually the start of the franchise’s long-rumoured subscription service.
Activision chief Eric Hirshberg told an investor meeting: “You’ll certainly see [further online monetisation]. That is a response to the patterns that you’re talking about.
“The passion that people have for the game, the amount of time they’re willing to engage with one another in a connected way. Our goal has been to create an experience that was amplifying enough and energising enough and igniting enough to that community to be able to be monetised.”