Shoot and edit Instagram videos from your phone with Apple Clips

Love Instagram on your iPhone? Share your summer with cool videos on Apple Clips. Here’s everything you need to know…

20 Apr 2017


Love documenting your holidays and experiences on Instagram? Whether you’re ticking off a travel bucket-list or hitting the festival season, Apple Clips is a fun way to enhance and share those experiences with friends and family.Apple Clips

What are Apple Clips?

A new app you can use to edit videos shot on your iPhone or iPad for sharing on Instagram and Facebook. You can shoot video and edit with comic book filters, speech bubbles and shapes among other things. It’s part social media app, part video editing software.


Super-easy video editing

Put off by the thought of video editing? Apple Clips makes it easy. There’s no need for separate apps or timelines, tracks or complicated editing tools. This is drag-and-drop video editing with impressive results.


How to use Clips

  • Hold the red button to start recording video or grab a video clip from your library
  • Use the ‘scissor’ icon on the visual timeline to edit the length of your video
  • To create text captions simply hit the ‘T’ icon and speak into your phone – the text appears on your screen
  • Choose your font style and add any punctuation you need
  • Choose a filter (or #nofilter) that flatters from the interlocking circles icon
  • Add artistic touches like an emoji or graphic using the icons at the top of the app
  • Soundtrack your video with music tracks that self-adjust to fit your video (tap the ‘music note’ icon)
  • SHARE!

Apple Clips

Sharing your Clips

We’ve talked about Instagram a lot here but you can also post to…

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

You can also share them with your friends via Apple’s Messages app.


The best feature? Live Titles

We talked earlier about the ability to create text captions using your voice. This feature is called Live Titles and it’s the one we’re most excited about. It transcribes your voice as you speak while you’re recording a clip, and, Apple says, ‘it’s perfectly synced with the user’s voice’. 

Did you know? You can punctuate your captions with commas, full stops and other marks by tapping the caption you want to edit.

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